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One Way Ventures

Invests in startups with at least one immigrant founder.

Fernbrook Capital Management

Invests in fast-growing, revenue-stage Software, Marketplace, and eCommerce companies that are driving innovation across the consumer ecosystem.

Afore Capital

Afore has $300M in AUM across 3 funds and 75+ portfolio companies - almost everyone was pre-traction, pre-revenue, and “pre-obvious” when Afore invested. They are focused on helping companies accelerate their trajectory by taking them straight to Series A as quickly as possible (the majority of Afore portfolio companies jump from a $1M raise to a $5 - 10M raise in 12 - 18 months).

Boost VC

Boost VC is an early-stage venture capital firm with $200m AUM in San Mateo, CA founded by Adam Draper & Brayton Williams. They invest in startups accelerating the Sci-Fi Future and are typically raising $2M or less.

Zigg Capital

A $400M AUM global investment organization with a singular mission: to accelerate the combination of real estate and technology, improving our collective quality of life, work, and community.

Innovating Capital

Backs founders at the forefront of innovation with a clear vision toward positive change, and they leverage our domain expertise to ensure value creation.

Common Ocean

Hybrid VC firm investing in fintech founders for a brighter financial future.

Essence VC

Data infra and dev tools specialist fund who believes that they only succeed when they make a difference.

Root Ventures

SF-based hard tech seed fund managing $300M+ AUM. As engineers themselves, they specialize in leading initial funding for founders tackling new technical opportunities. With a selective few new deals a year and 2/3 of their funds in reserve, they are committed to being a long-term partner, supporting each funding round and bridging any gaps in between.

Social Leverage

Specializes in early-stage investments in the Software, Consumer, and Fintech industries. Uses a rigorous experience-driven investment selection process to fund the best capital-light companies with a viable product, serving a large addressable market, and solving a known pain point

Charge Ventures

Seeks to partner at the earliest stages with passionate founders that are building world-class products and services addressing the problems of the future, now. Charge invests in <$2MM rounds for companies that have raised <$2MM.

Skyview Capital

Skyview Ventures is an internally managed pool of partners’ capital that will invest in high-growth companies in Southern California. They invest in disruptive early stage businesses, where the team can leverage our industry experience.

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