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Crossbeam Venture Partners

Crossbeam Venture Partners (Crossbeam) is a venture capital firm that invests in Pre-Seed and Series A startups building tomorrow's economy. Focused on the themes of platform economies, fintech, novel asset classes, and new forms of media, Crossbeam is built to back companies of the next generation economy and the small businesses of tomorrow.

Crossbeam averages ~6-14 days from first meeting to term sheet.

They pride themselves with how well they reference with founders. They help with fundraising, recruiting, and general advice. They're helpful and available.

Dreamers VC

Co-founded by actor Will Smith, and soccer player Keisuke Honda to bridge established Japanese corporate investors with early-stage US-based companies.  Dreamers invests in innovative companies with the goal of improving lives through the application of emerging technology.

Frist Cressey Ventures

Focused on accelerating the growth of high-potential healthcare enterprises through value-added partnerships. Frist Cressey Invests in technology and service businesses with viable solutions that improve quality of care, system integration, patient outcomes, and population health and wellbeing.

Learn Capital

VC fund firm focused exclusively on funding entrepreneurs with a vision for better and smarter learning.

Stout Street Capital

The Stout Street team is a passionate group of startup founders. They have built and scaled several startups and invested in over 65 companies and evaluated over 10,000 startups since starting Stout Street. They are creators of the UNMET conferences that help founders raise venture capital anywhere.

Stout Street’s Value Fund-II is currently focused on post-revenue, seed-to-series-A investments in companies valued at less than $10 million. Stout Street’s Value Fund-I has invested in 36 companies by the end of 2018 and Stout Street Value Fund-II is projected to invest in 50 companies with an average initial investment of 100k by 2020. They usually reserve 500k-$1M in follow on investment for our portfolio companies.

They do not invest in companies incorporated/based in SF, NY, and Boston.

Crush Ventures

Led by the founders of Crush Music, the people who built and marketed a lot of big artists today. They invest in companies working at the intersection of pop culture, consumers, and tech-enabled experiences.

BoxOne Ventures

Invests their own capital and supports entrepreneurs across their entire journey from napkin to IPO. BoxOne likes partnering in the earliest days and bringing our experience as founders to support entrepreneurs while making sure to never get in their way.

Ten13 VC

We invest in and support the most exciting early-stage companies, globally.

Maccabee Ventures

an early-stage venture capital firm associated with, but independent and separate from, Yeshiva University (YU), that leverages the 70,000+ YU alumni while providing an unparalleled learning experience for YU students. Does not invest in BioTech & Hardware

Bessemer Venture Partners

With more than 135 IPOs and 200 portfolio companies in the enterprise, consumer and healthcare spaces, Bessemer supports founders and CEOs from their early days through every stage of growth. Bessemer’s global portfolio has included Pinterest, Shopify, Twilio, Yelp, LinkedIn, PagerDuty, DocuSign, Wix, Fiverr and Toast and has more than $20 billion of assets under management.

Twelve Below

Pre-seed and seed fund in NYC focused on software-enabled businesses, with a strong focus on NYC-based teams


BoxGroup is an early-stage investment fund that invests in technology companies.

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