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Early Light Ventures

Early Light backs the underdogs that traditional VC has overlooked for too long. They believe in the power of grit and ambition to deliver the win, no matter what's in your way . They also believe in a future of meritocratic entrepreneurship where anyone with the passion can become a founder.

Early Light is generally quick and direct -- the entire decision process can be 24-48 hours from start to finish (a bit longer in some cases).

They can help with Introductions to future funders, advisors, exit partners, etc. They pride themselves in being hands off.

Rogue VC

Rogue is a $60m early stage fund investing in deep tech as well as radical founders at the cross-sections of technology and culture.

FirstMile Ventures

FirstMile is a VC firm that has an exclusive focus on seed and is only investing on companies that has raised <$1.5M in capital.

They are not thematic investors, looking for companies that fit their view of where the world is headed. Instead, they build their investment thesis around a strong founding team that has their own unique and compelling vision for their market.

Freestyle Capital

Freestyle has been investing for over 12 years and was one of the first firms started by Founders. Their GPs, Dave & Jenny each have over 25 years in tech, both successfully exiting multiple times. Freestyle boasts a portfolio of 130+ companies.

Yes VC

Yes VC backs great companies at the early stages. They invest in 20 companies a year on average.


LAUNCH Fund invests in 100 new seed-stage startups a year.

Script Capital

Script Capital (formerly known as is a $38M pre-seed venture capital fund that provides the optimal amount of capital and support for 2-3 cofounders to find product-market fit and position themselves for breakout growth.

Picks & Shovels

Operator-led VC Firm investing in founders at the pre-seed and seed stage selling picks and shovels for crypto and fintech.

Red Swan Ventures

Open-minded across industries but actively seek out businesses that create their own internal momentum via flywheel effects, network effects, and product-led growth. The fund aspires to be the entrepreneur’s first institutional investor, helping to craft the right mix of funds and individual investors for the round.

Greater Colorado Venture Fund

The Greater Colorado Venture Fund is spreading entrepreneurship to create opportunity and build sustainable communities in rural America. They invest in Colorado companies with high growth potential located outside of the Front Range urban corridor.

Nama Ventures

the champions of first money in (lets call it pre-seed) in MENA tech startups.   funding MENA-based startups, with a founding team that has complementary skill sets

Matchstick Ventures

Matchstick supports the creation and growth of early-stage technology companies in rapidly growing yet underserved startup ecosystems. And, to show that founder-first, modern, and collaborative relationships are the way to go.

They have seen first hand that world-changing companies can be created anywhere, especially in the North and Rockies regions of the US.

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