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New Enterprise Associates (NEA)

Global venture capital firm investing in technology and healthcare

Unicorn Growth Ventures

Women-Led VC focused on the future of finance through TradFi and DeFi.

Raba Partners

They are building a long-term investment partnership — a team of people who partner with founders to build companies that generate outsized returns and solve real-world problems. Raba has been an early partner to the founders of many category-defining African software and internet companies.

SoGal Ventures

Investing in next-gen billion-dollar businesses that unapologetically benefit people, society, and the planet. SoGal capitalizes on the three biggest arbitrage investment opportunities of our time… Underrepresented Founders, Undercapitalized Geographies & Underserved Problems

2048 Ventures

Thesis-driven earliest-stage venture capital firm built by founders, experienced operators, nerds, and dreamers obsessed with the future. Their core thesis is that platform companies will deliver outsized, venture-scale returns. Currently investing out of their $67M Fund II.

Tau Ventures

Tau is an AI-first, seed-first VC fund in the heart of Silicon Valley. We are currently $85M+ AUM, focus on digital health and enterprise, with a little bit of automation (cars, robots, logistics), and writing initial checks typically of $500K. more on their investment thesis at

The Chernin Group (TCG)

Multi-stage investment firm that focuses on consumer businesses.

Menlo Ventures

46 year old VC firm with >$5bn AUM investing in innovation-driven companies.

Canaan Partners

Founded in 1987, Canaan is a long-time early-stage investor currently investing out of their 12th Fund ($800M).

base case capital

base case capital is an early-stage venture firm by builders, for builders. Led by Alana Goyal, they help technical founders nail their "base case" — recruiting their first engineers, securing their first customers, and raising their first institutional round — and "recurse" onwards.

SaaS Ventures

SaaS Ventures believe companies that provide software as a service (SaaS) have the highest likelihood of success and represent the best investment opportunities.

The Council Fund

The Council Fund invests in companies that are transforming legacy industries that make up the fabric of our society.

Their due diligence process starts with an Intro call with the founder and GP, then a second call may include a functional or industry expert, additional due diligence may include reference calls and data room review before making a decision.

The council can intro them to angels and operators in their network at companies like Cruise, Snap, Block, Stripe, Lyft, etc. Their founding GP also builds relationships with investors at top multi-stage firms and share updates on companies ahead of their Series A and beyond. In addition, they have worked at every stage from Seed to Fortune 500 in operations x product, so I can help them see around corners and hire the right folks at the right time.

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