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Winklevoss Capital

Invests in risk-taking, determined entrepreneurs in pursuit of a frictionless world.

Phirst Market Ventures

Supports women founders who operate early-stage companies in various industries from technology to health & beauty products and provide capital, resources and connections to scale their businesses.

Mayfield Fund

Global VC firm focusing on inception and early-stage investing in tech.

Initialized Capital

Early-stage VC firm focused on helping software engineers and designers with their first seed checks.

Mango Capital

Enterprise-focused seed & early stage venture capital investment firm.

LOI Venture

LOI Venture is a seed-stage venture fund co-founded by Hootsuite Founder Ryan Holmes and Angel Investor Manny Padda focused on backing founders under 30 usually building tech products attending the LOI Program.

Forum Ventures (fka Accelprise)

Forum Ventures (fka Acceleprise) is a pre-seed and seed stage B2B software focused venture fund, program, and community with offices in San Francisco, New York and Toronto. Founded in 2014, we’re on a mission to make the B2B SaaS journey easier, more accessible and successful for early-stage founders.  Check sizes range from $200K-1.2M (depending on round dynamics and allocation) and they participate in both pre-seed and seed rounds.

Vast Ventures

Manifesto-driven venture fund investing in disruptive companies with a global impact.

Race Capital

Works side by side with founders as early as possible, every step of the way. Race Capital's founders have successfully built their own companies from small to big, from nothing to IPO, and want to help their portfolio founders do the same.

The Council Fund

The Council Fund invests in companies that are transforming legacy industries that make up the fabric of our society.

Their due diligence process starts with an Intro call with the founder and GP, then a second call may include a functional or industry expert, additional due diligence may include reference calls and data room review before making a decision.

The council can intro them to angels and operators in their network at companies like Cruise, Snap, Block, Stripe, Lyft, etc. Their founding GP also builds relationships with investors at top multi-stage firms and share updates on companies ahead of their Series A and beyond. In addition, they have worked at every stage from Seed to Fortune 500 in operations x product, so I can help them see around corners and hire the right folks at the right time.

HOF Capital

Global multistage technology-focused venture capital fund based out of New York that helps ambitious founders build massive, enduring businesses. They support entrepreneurs by providing them with long-term-focused capital from idea to IPO. HOF also helps them structure transformational partnerships with enterprises in its LP network.

Lenny Rachitsky Fund

Lenny Rachitsky's angel investment fund.

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