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High Street Equity Partners

Early-stage venture firm that invests in post-revenue tech-enabled companies, focused on underrepresented founders from underrepresented geographies in the USA.

Equal Ventures

Seed-stage venture fund that backs the founders and businesses that are disrupting legacy markets.

Flucas Ventures

Flucas Ventures is the Solo GP fund of Ashley Flucas. Flucas Ventures is a sector, stage, and geography-agnostic investor that follows the opportunity.

Google Launchpad Accelerator

Google Developers' regional accelerators are tailored specifically to their local markets and provide access to the best of Google—its people, network, and advanced technologies—helping startups build great products. Using the knowledge gained from running startup accelerators, this model has been used to reach other audiences such as game developers and non-profits.

Frontline Ventures

Frontline is the venture firm for globally ambitious B2B companies on both sides of the Atlantic. Frontline Seed speeds up ideas at inception across Europe. Frontline Growth is a late-stage fund, for fast and frictionless US-Europe expansion.

Batshit Crazy Ventures

No, Batshit is not a curse word.

Batshit Crazy Ventures' interests lie within the earliest of startup stages, and their time, effort, and resources are therefore primarily dedicated to working with companies that are pre-revenue, pre-seed, and in many cases pre-everything.


Early-stage venture capital fund partnering with founders from Seed to Growth. Across Europe and the US. In September 2022, Northzone raised €1bn to invest from Seed to Growth.  Has offices in London, Stockholm, and NYC

Baselayer Ventures

helps entrepreneurs build resilient companies with a strong foundation for global scale. an independent venture capital firm that invests with high conviction at the earliest stages.  look for opportunities that lie at the intersection of enduring consumer needs and the technologies and new business models that will satisfy them.

GreatPoint Ventures

Early-stage venture capital firm founded by entrepreneurs and operators who've built companies cumulatively worth $300 billion. GreatPoint's mission is to partner with entrepreneurs solving big problems across enterprise, healthcare, bio-tech, and food. In order to have time to fight in the trenches with every team they back, they make fewer than 10 new investments per year.

Ribbit Capital

Global investment organization with one single, relentless mission: to change the world of finance.


Fintech incubator funding promising startups based in Sub-saharan Africa and SEA

Springbank Collective

Committed to building the ecosystem of capital, founders, policymakers, corporations, and advocates to accelerate solutions for all women and families.

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