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$311M AUM fund founded in 2008. Kickstart is the first seed fund in Utah that invests in early-stage startups in Utah, Colorado, and the Mountain West.

Kickstart also has a Campus Founders Fund, a student-run VC fund sponsored by Kickstart that invests solely in student entrepreneurs.


Venture capital firm that backs up outlier founders at the earliest stages.

Yes VC

Yes VC backs great companies at the early stages. They invest in 20 companies a year on average.

Precursor Ventures

Investing in the first institutional round of investment for software and hardware companies.


Offers promising founders investment with bespoke data insights and operating expertise – designed for product-led growth. They like businesses that are “needed” and are not just “nice to haves”.

2048 Ventures

Thesis-driven earliest-stage venture capital firm built by founders, experienced operators, nerds, and dreamers obsessed with the future. Their core thesis is that platform companies will deliver outsized, venture-scale returns. Currently investing out of their $67M Fund II.

Atento Capital

Atento Capital is an early-stage investment firm focused on unlocking unsung potential. They identify high-potential ideas and individuals and then invest the early-stage funding and human capital needed to take ventures from 0-1 and 1-10.

By bringing together founders, partners, and investors, they are transforming the heartland into the nation’s most equitable tech hub while generating real returns.

Their due diligence process takes 3-4 weeks, starting with a review of cap table, financials, legal docs, etc, and finishes with an in-person visit at the end to meet team in person.

Atento provides office space support, free recruiting services, fundraising support and connections for later rounds.

Untapped Capital

An early-stage venture capital firm championing unexpected founders.

Rogue VC

Rogue is a $60m early stage fund investing in deep tech as well as radical founders at the cross-sections of technology and culture.

LOI Venture

LOI Venture is a seed-stage venture fund co-founded by Hootsuite Founder Ryan Holmes and Angel Investor Manny Padda focused on backing founders under 30 usually building tech products attending the LOI Program.

f7 Ventures

Bold women investing in bold founders

Emerson Collective

Multi-stage venture fund led by Laurene Powell Jobs and focused on accelerating the growth of companies positively impacting the world

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