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OS Fund

OS Fund is founded by Bryan Johnson, founder of Braintree (the creator of Venmo) to support inventors and scientists who aim to benefit humanity by rewriting the operating systems of life The firm believes biology is programmable, and invests in platforms and enabling technologies (i.e. Ginkgo Bioworks).


SOSV is a global venture capital firm that offers multi-stage investment, starting with pre-seed startup development programs designed for founders with breakthrough technologies.

Noon Ventures

NOON Ventures invests in green, deep-tech companies that have proof of technology and are ready to begin their commercial journey. NOON Ventures generally leads or co-leads their investments.

NOON Ventures aims to be the preferred partner for green deep-tech entrepreneurs through dedication and therefore invest More in Less – a fundamentally different approach than traditional early-stage investors.

Health Technology Holding (HTH)

HTH is a full fledge investment and advisory company investing alongside bright innovators dedicated to improve humans’ health.

Since 2016, the team has been working closely with pharma companies to successfully invest in life science ventures and to provide innovation capabilities to large corporations.

As an Investor, HTH is an hands-on actor, taking pro-active roles in early stages startup providing not just capital, but opening companies to a vast network of possible stakeholders. As an advisor, HTH provides client with the best solutions to approach life science and strives to open innovation pathways and opportunities for its clients.

They have a scientific-based approach: for them there is no business if there is no science. For HTH, PoC data, scientific rationale, animal models, MoA understanding are pillars of the due diligence process. Usually, they undergo a deep analysis phase, in which we also undertake interview to clinicians, KOLs, patient associations etc. Their due diligence process last no more than 1 or 2 months.

Bessemer Venture Partners

With more than 135 IPOs and 200 portfolio companies in the enterprise, consumer and healthcare spaces, Bessemer supports founders and CEOs from their early days through every stage of growth. Bessemer’s global portfolio has included Pinterest, Shopify, Twilio, Yelp, LinkedIn, PagerDuty, DocuSign, Wix, Fiverr and Toast and has more than $20 billion of assets under management.

Closed Loop Partners

Invests in sustainable consumer goods, advanced recycling technologies and the development of the circular economy.


The GPs started companies themselves to develop new technologies, and they want to help more technical founders do the same. That's why they invest in the early stage, giving their voting rights back to the founding teams. They also run the SciFounder Fellowship, a mentorship program for idea-stage founders with a $400,000 investment.

Carbon Silicon Ventures

Founded by Color co-founder Nish Bhat, Carbon Silicon Ventures is a new fund backing founders applying engineering & scale to biology & Healthcare

Pillar VC

Boston venture capital firm that supports founders with early-stage and seed VC funding, investing in their professional & personal growth.

Lux Capital

Partners with companies and founders trying to change the world, who want to upend paradigms, not just chase incremental progress. Over the past two decades, Lux has expanded from their New York City roots to Silicon Valley, and built a $4 billion AUM firm of more than 30 full-time professionals, with a wide spectrum of technical backgrounds and the versatility to invest at any stage.

Fifty Years

Backing entrepreneurs using technology to solve the world's biggest problems.

Material Impact Fund

A venture fund building deep tech companies powered by material science innovations

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