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First Check Africa

Tackling Africa’s VC gender funding gap to empower more female high-growth entrepreneurs by writing high-conviction “first checks” for diverse teams building for scale and sustainability.

Beta Boom

Beta Boom invests instartups building the future for women and ethnic minority consumers, workers, and business owners.

The best and only way to get on Beta Boom's radar is to fill out their 3-minute intake form.

Their diligence process takes 6-8 weeks:
1. 3-minute intake form
2. Initial diligence call
3. Data room review
4. Subsequent diligence call(s)
5. Collaboration week
6. Final diligence

They also provide weekly or daily support from Beta Boom's growth team to help portfolio companies refine product-market fit, go to market, and sales operations.

Slauson & Co

Aims to democratize access to entrepreneurship by bridging the gap between untapped founders historically overlooked by the traditional venture ecosystem and the right capital and resources required to create sustainable equity & economic inclusion.

Upslope Ventures

Formerly Galvanize Ventures, Upslope Ventures is an early-stage venture capital fund that invests in startups across the country. They believe exceptional teams can originate from any location. They provide more than capital and introductions. By leveraging their network they aim to empower entrepreneurs with the resources they need to have their best chance at success - even if they don’t invest.

Backstage Capital

Invest in companies led by women, people of color, and LGBTQIA+ founders.

Copper Wire Ventures

Dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs with patient, strategic capital for their technology-driven companies, products, and services. Copper Wire primarily invests in the future of learning + work, but will consider investments in crossover tech-enabled sectors as well.

Trilogy Equity Partners

Trilogy Equity Partners leads Pre-Seed and Seed rounds for Enterprise Software, Infrastructure, and Consumer Tech startups that have a presence in the Pacific Northwest (Greater Seattle, Portland, Vancouver BC, etc).

Growth Warrior Capital

Invests in founders building solutions for a more equitable future.

Impact America Fund

Catalyzing the economic liberation of underserved communities in America by investing in businesses with “inherent impact,” whereby the design of their business models and products creates shared value for their consumers, workers, suppliers, investors, and other key stakeholders. Prefers to invest in companies that are growing quickly, with demonstrated traction in a $1B+ market.

Kapor Capital

Oakland-based venture capital firm that invests in industry-transforming startups. They redefine what venture capital is capable of by prioritizing a new outcome: a more fair, just, and equitable society for low income communities and underrepresented communities of color.

Female Founders Fund

Investing in the exponential power of exceptional female talent.

Harbinger Ventures

Harbinger works exclusively with early-stage consumer brands that are led by exceptional female founders or mixed-gender founder founding teams, and incentivizes collaboration amongst its portfolio companies by giving each entrepreneur an equity stake in the portfolio.

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