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Equal Opportunity (EO) Ventures

Invests in entrepreneurs creating commercially successful companies that advance economic mobility and increase opportunity in America.

Green Egg Ventures

Early-stage venture capital fund formed to discover, invest in, and support software startups that are solving problems for businesses across multiple verticals.

Wonder Ventures

Invests in entrepreneurs who build the world’s most innovative technology companies.

Gutter Capital

$25M early-stage fund located on Canal Street in China Town, NYC. They invest in software businesses with the potential to create a category-defining product.

FinTech Collective

New York-based venture capital fund founded in 2012 to back creators with a hunger to reimagine the way money flows through the world.

Lorimer Ventures

Lorimer Ventures backs bold entrepreneurs building exceptional B2B companies in sectors ripe for disruption. The fund’s partnership is made up of experienced builders, founders, operators, and investors. They have hands-on experience building companies from idea to IPO.

True Wealth Ventures

Invests in female entrepreneurs working on improving environmental health and human health.

Health Technology Holding (HTH)

HTH is a full fledge investment and advisory company investing alongside bright innovators dedicated to improve humans’ health.

Since 2016, the team has been working closely with pharma companies to successfully invest in life science ventures and to provide innovation capabilities to large corporations.

As an Investor, HTH is an hands-on actor, taking pro-active roles in early stages startup providing not just capital, but opening companies to a vast network of possible stakeholders. As an advisor, HTH provides client with the best solutions to approach life science and strives to open innovation pathways and opportunities for its clients.

They have a scientific-based approach: for them there is no business if there is no science. For HTH, PoC data, scientific rationale, animal models, MoA understanding are pillars of the due diligence process. Usually, they undergo a deep analysis phase, in which we also undertake interview to clinicians, KOLs, patient associations etc. Their due diligence process last no more than 1 or 2 months.

Left Lane Capital

Fund that spun out of Insight Partners to invest in high-growth internet and consumer technology businesses that are fundamental to the human condition and spirit – where customers maintain a long-term relationship with the product, platform, or service.

Scout Ventures

Making the world a better, safer place by investing in frontier and dual-use technologies built by veterans, intelligence leaders, and premier research labs.

Celesta (fka WRVI)

Invests globally and has offices in California, Israel, India, and China.

Highbury Group

Founded by Dr. Ling Wong to fund companies using science and tech to build a better future

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