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Strong Ventures

Strong Ventures is a seed fund, based in California, that finances, supports and mentors Korean/Asian/Global entrepreneurs, empowering them to build strong ventures and to break successfully into the global market.

Lerer Hippeau

Helps early-stage founders with the capital and tools they need to build ideas into category-defining companies.

Animal Capital

$15M fund driving growth by leveraging proprietary marketing channels and increasing consumer awareness.

FinTech Collective

New York-based venture capital fund founded in 2012 to back creators with a hunger to reimagine the way money flows through the world.

Coinbase Ventures

Investment arm of Coinbase that aims to invest in early-stage cryptocurrency and blockchain startups.

Haun Ventures

Built for the next generation of the internet by Investing through two platforms: a $500 million early-stage fund and a $1 billion acceleration fund.

DCG Expeditions

Successful fintech founders backing top-notch fintech and crypto founders globally. DCG moves fast and invests with permanent capital.

Kearny Jackson

Founded in 2018, Kearny Jackson helps startups in the 0 to 1 stage and beyond with growth and GTM — drawing upon their experience scaling many successful startups.

7percent Ventures

Invests $500K checks in deep tech companies, and companies applying known technical solutions (SaaS platforms, marketplaces, mobile apps etc) to laggard markets.


Fintech incubator funding promising startups based in Sub-saharan Africa and SEA

Audacity Fund

Builds and invests in Web 3 x Metaverse movements targeting trillion $ markets across Africa and emerging markets.

Growth Warrior Capital

Invests in founders building solutions for a more equitable future.

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