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MBX Capital

Venture capital partnership investing in early-stage healthcare and life sciences companies. They usually invest in the first or second institutional round of financing that a company raises, and typically before companies have reached a $100mm valuation.

Greater Colorado Venture Fund

The Greater Colorado Venture Fund is spreading entrepreneurship to create opportunity and build sustainable communities in rural America. They invest in Colorado companies with high growth potential located outside of the Front Range urban corridor.

Basecamp Fund

Early-stage venture capital fund that invests across categories and geographies at the pre-seed and seed stages.

Notation Capital

Notation is the first dedicated “pre-seed” fund in NYC, based in Brooklyn. They work with product-obsessed teams in the trenches on day 0:00. They are not thesis-driven but tend to invest against ever-evolving categories of interest. They typically lead the first round of financing and often invest as early as an idea.

Foundry Group

Foundry is a unique offering in the venture capital market with a symbiotic network that propels innovation.

Founded in 2007, their firm manages more than $3 billion for our limited partners, and has invested in hundreds of companies and dozens of venture funds.

South Park Commons

South Park Commons is a community and fund all in one. They bring together talented people to share ideas, explore directions, and realize the opportunities that’ll get you there.

Break Trail Ventures

Break Trail partners with entrepreneurs who are breaking trail in their industry, putting the customer first, and solving meaningful problems.

UpHonest Capital

Cross-border early-stage venture connecting the resources and networks of the world’s most valuable and influential venture capital investment markets.

Future Africa

Backs mission-driven founders turning Africa’s biggest challenges into global businesses that deliver outsized returns and impact.

Abstract Ventures

SF-based seed investor. They are way pavers for founders, making vital connections for fundraising, talent, customers and advice. They are dot connectors, counting the world’s most visionary investors, founders and industry leaders as our allies. They are first movers, operating at the speed of our founders and matching the creative hustle required to achieve unimaginable goals.

Pear VC

Seed specialists that partner with founders at the earliest stages to turn great ideas into category-defining companies. Pear VC is a top-performing fund. In the last decade, they have had 3 IPOs, 8 companies valued over $1B, and hav emany more category-defining companies in the making.


Friále invest in start-ups all over the world who are doing big things.

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