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Headline is a global venture capital firm investing in rising founders across B2B and B2C, with teams on the ground in 7 cities around the world. Since its founding in 1998, Headline has worked alongside founders with global aspirations from Silicon Valley to São Paulo, Beijing to Berlin.

They are actively on the ground across continents, seeing local trends up close, searching for top founders, and bringing them our world of resources. Once we commit to a team, we go to the ends of the earth – connecting entrepreneurs to each other, to customers, and to insights from distant markets – to help them become a global success.

7percent Ventures

Invests $500K checks in deep tech companies, and companies applying known technical solutions (SaaS platforms, marketplaces, mobile apps etc) to laggard markets.

LOI Venture

LOI Venture is a seed-stage venture fund co-founded by Hootsuite Founder Ryan Holmes and Angel Investor Manny Padda focused on backing founders under 30 usually building tech products attending the LOI Program.


Believes that creating something of true significance starts with seeing things others do not.


Focuses on early-stage venture investing in mobile, marketplaces, social, infrastructure, and enterprise software.

Wischoff Ventures

Invests in relentless early-stage, high-growth technology companies bringing massive offline industries online.

ScOp Venture Capital

Their approach to investing is simple. The firm looks for scalable opportunities (ScOps) that fill a fundamental consumer or business need in the most efficient and effective way. They only invest in companies who have some proof of market validation which typically means $500k+ in ARR or marketplaces with $500k+ in annualized net revenue.


Invests in entrepreneurs that focus on consumer, crypto, and enterprise software companies across all stages.

Strong Ventures

Strong Ventures is a seed fund, based in California, that finances, supports and mentors Korean/Asian/Global entrepreneurs, empowering them to build strong ventures and to break successfully into the global market.

Adapt Ventures

Early-stage venture capital firm and venture studio investing in and building groundbreaking companies.


$311M AUM fund founded in 2008. Kickstart is the first seed fund in Utah that invests in early-stage startups in Utah, Colorado, and the Mountain West.

Kickstart also has a Campus Founders Fund, a student-run VC fund sponsored by Kickstart that invests solely in student entrepreneurs.


SuperAngel.Fund's Key Selection Criteria are:

#1 Ambitious, and smart Founder(s)/Team

#2 Market/Category ripe for disruption and with a deep, authentic brand story, mission & vision

#3 Product/Traction
Cutting edge design & innovation across all brand touchpoints: product, packaging, unboxing, digital, photography, content, collateral, media, etc. 📸
Positive unit economics (day 1) & creative distribution tactics 📈

*Oftentimes they invest pre-product and, as such, rely even more heavily on #1 and #2

Their Due Diligence varies on a deal by deal basis which may include reviewing: Corporate Records, Team References, Product Testing, Customer Interviews, Market Research, Competitor Research, Digital/Social Footprint, Prior Investor Updates, Legal/Accounting, Financials.

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