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Golden Gate

Investing in Southeast Asian companies in the early and growth stages since 2011.

Hustle Fund

Loves to invest in scrappy founders w/ a somewhat bootstrap mentality; frugal and resourceful. Hot Sectors: B2B, Fintech, web3, digital health. Not-so-hot sectors: Consumer, marketplaces, e-commerce. They are ok with pre-revenue; earlier is better.

Amplify Partners

Invests in technical founders building the next generation of applications, tools, and platforms for developers, data teams, ML engineers, and everything in between.

LOI Venture

LOI Venture is a seed-stage venture fund co-founded by Hootsuite Founder Ryan Holmes and Angel Investor Manny Padda focused on backing founders under 30 usually building tech products attending the LOI Program.

Twelve Below

Pre-seed and seed fund in NYC focused on software-enabled businesses, with a strong focus on NYC-based teams

Collide Capital

Collide Capital is a $66M fund that believes great companies are built at the intersection of communities led by diverse, fearless change agents. They invest in the most innovative and hard-working founders solving the next generation of global challenges.

They help by giving Intros to other investors and founders, advising and coaching, sharing their story and wins with Collide's broader community. They are building out their formal Platform offering in 2023.

True Ventures

Invests in the brilliant people who bring ideas that matter to life. Founded in 2005, True Ventures has already invested $3.8B across 350+ teams.

True Ventures will only enter on the initial round of capital but will have reserves and continue to follow on in their existing portfolio. They target 20% + ownership on the initial investment.

Kearny Jackson

Founded in 2018, Kearny Jackson helps startups in the 0 to 1 stage and beyond with growth and GTM — drawing upon their experience scaling many successful startups.

Background Capital

VC fund led by Rafael Corrales investing in different spaces such as software, marketplaces, and e-commerce.

Blue Collective

invests in early-stage companies (preseed and seed) and are complete generalists we invest in phenomenal people.

Eastlink Capital

Focuses on early-stage investment opportunities in technology-based companies based in Silicon Valley and China.

Springbank Collective

Committed to building the ecosystem of capital, founders, policymakers, corporations, and advocates to accelerate solutions for all women and families.

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