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4DX Ventures

Collaborating with fearless and gifted entrepreneurs who are creating enterprises that will usher in Africa's technological future

Cleo Capital

Fund led by Sarah Kunst investing in the future of fintech, consumer, and enterprise.


CapitalX is an enterprise-focused, early-stage venture capital firm with $100k-$500k checks and in later stage via SPVs for $250k $2m or more. They invest with fast commits and high conviction and they strive to be proactively helpful.

Shine Capital

Shine is a $435M VC furm that partners with relentless, creative, convincing entrepreneurs from the early stages of company, protocol, and network building. They look for three core qualities in founders: relentlessness, creativity, and conviction.

First Round Capital

Called First Round for a reason. Your first money in is one thing. But so are your first hires, your first product and your first customers. They've helped Notion, Roblox, Uber, Square, and 300 others tackle these firsts and more. First round is building the world’s best product for founders who are just getting started.


Zenda is a thesis-driven, tech investment firm that invests in B2B tech in the U.S. and LATAM. They invest in products that accelerate innovation in industries where developer tooling and data interoperability are deficient. Zenda can lead, co-lead, or participate and provides follow-on investments indefinitely, as long as risk-adjusted returns make sense to them.

Wischoff Ventures

Invests in relentless early-stage, high-growth technology companies bringing massive offline industries online.

75 & Sunny

LA-based venture fund and startup studio that invests in and incubates companies that offer bold solutions to everyday problems. They especially love to back Los Angeles-based teams, but are happy to partner with visionary entrepreneurs all over the world.


Investing in Latina(o)-owned early-stage companies with “high growth potential" through the fund's recently announced $100M+ first institutional fund.

OMERS Ventures

Global, early-stage tech investor helping founders succeed so their businesses profit and real people prosper.

Alpine Ventures

Alpine’s mission is to support seed stage founders worldwide Whether you’re a consumer app in the Midwest, a B2B software business in Southeast Asia, or a marketplace in San Francisco, Alpine has the capacity to support you on your journey.

Red Bike Capital

NYC-based, Latinx, and woman-led fund investing in early-stage, high-growth startups that drive the economy and improve people's lives

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