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Distributed Ventures

Invests in companies that are transforming the future of risk across Insurtech, Fintech and Health & Benefits.


Hybrid fund that provides founder-friendly credit and equity to top disruptors. Upper 90 invests across stages on companies with predictable revenue models.

Swell Partners

Their core belief is "You win with people." Mission-oriented, growth-minded venture capital firm based in New York City that is obsessed with helping portfolio companies build world-class teams in order to give them the competitive edge. Invest in extraordinary founders and B2B software startups that create their own category. And has two GPs who personally recruit for our portfolio. 

Serena Ventures

Founded by the tennis legend Serena Williams as an investment vehicle to empower historically overlooked people and markets.

Health Technology Holding (HTH)

HTH is a full fledge investment and advisory company investing alongside bright innovators dedicated to improve humans’ health.

Since 2016, the team has been working closely with pharma companies to successfully invest in life science ventures and to provide innovation capabilities to large corporations.

As an Investor, HTH is an hands-on actor, taking pro-active roles in early stages startup providing not just capital, but opening companies to a vast network of possible stakeholders. As an advisor, HTH provides client with the best solutions to approach life science and strives to open innovation pathways and opportunities for its clients.

They have a scientific-based approach: for them there is no business if there is no science. For HTH, PoC data, scientific rationale, animal models, MoA understanding are pillars of the due diligence process. Usually, they undergo a deep analysis phase, in which we also undertake interview to clinicians, KOLs, patient associations etc. Their due diligence process last no more than 1 or 2 months.

Emerson Collective

Multi-stage venture fund led by Laurene Powell Jobs and focused on accelerating the growth of companies positively impacting the world

Tribeca Venture Partners

Tribeca works with NY companies seeking Series A funding. They work closely with industry leaders and the community to build and grow the NY Tech ecosystem. Tribeca is selective and only invests in 5-6 companies per year.

7thirty Capital

7thirty is a boutique private equity firm servicing the frontier markets that offers venture capital investments, income investments, and advisory services.

Impact America Fund

Catalyzing the economic liberation of underserved communities in America by investing in businesses with “inherent impact,” whereby the design of their business models and products creates shared value for their consumers, workers, suppliers, investors, and other key stakeholders. Prefers to invest in companies that are growing quickly, with demonstrated traction in a $1B+ market.

Charge Ventures

Seeks to partner at the earliest stages with passionate founders that are building world-class products and services addressing the problems of the future, now. Charge invests in <$2MM rounds for companies that have raised <$2MM.


Thrive where others say “too early”, joining you from the start with up to $750K. Currently investing out of their $35M Fund.

focal does the work to understand the business and get to know the founders, while ensuring all of their interactions are productive and constantly being mindful of your time.

They invest with a concentrated strategy to maximize their bandwidth and capital reserves to back you up. After your pre-seed, their whole team gets to work for yours. You also become part of focal's tight-knit founder community and can learn from 100+ of the best GTM leaders at Seed through Series D startups that are part of The GTM Circle.

Echo VC

VC fund unapologetically investing in women, underrepresented founders (particularly of African descent) and underserved POC markets, backing bold ideas and business models that harness the power of technology to deliver value to mass markets.

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