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RareBreed Ventures

Invests in exceptional founders primarily outside of large tech ecosystems, earlier than everyone else. There are two types of founders that get them excited: those who have thought a lot about and executed on customer acquisition, and, those building products in markets that are often overlooked. These founders are out-of-the-box thinkers, which is critical to success.


Backs purpose-driven founders building purposeful startups that are reimagining the future.


LAUNCH Fund invests in 100 new seed-stage startups a year.

One Way Ventures

Invests in startups with at least one immigrant founder.

Felicis Ventures

Believes that iconic companies transcend boundaries: they can be built anywhere, by anyone, and in any corner of the economy, from curing rare diseases at scale to powering global payments for organizations of all sizes. They partner with founders around the world, across sectors, and at various stages, primarily before success is obvious.

Cervin Ventures

Cervin is an early-stage venture capital firm focused on building enduring enterprise-technology companies. The company’s partners actively work with early-stage founders and product visionaries todesign, build and bring disruptive technologies to market in order to change how the world works.

Cervin also recently launched a Platform Services team to provide recruiting, marketing advisory and business development services to portfolio companies.

WXR Fund

Invests in gender-diverse early-stage companies that are transforming business and human interaction.

Lockstep Ventures

Venture capital firm seeking to address the issues that perpetuate racial inequality in the U.S. Lockstep is committed to the investment philosophy of "Disparity to Prosperity" and targets companies that address racial disparities in health, wealth, education, and justice/recidivism

Access Ventures

Access Venture Partners is a venture capital firm investing in early-stage technology companies in Colorado & the Mountain West.

Their due diligence process starts with three (3) diligence meetings, then customer interview, investor interview if there are current investors, and ends with one (1) presentation to entire investment committee.

Access throws our resources, 100+ combined years of operating & investing expertise, their deep networks and connections, and every ounce of our emotional energy behind their founders' success.

Morpheus Ventures

Venture capital fund that invests in early-stage companies and helps them avoid traditional roadblocks on their path to hyper-growth.

Congruent Ventures

Using their unique model and leveraging their long-term investor base, Congruent partners with entrepreneurs to build companies addressing climate and sustainability challenges. Congruent’s unique model and long-term investor base allow them to invest early and provide ongoing support to teams enabling them to move the needle on critical sustainability challenges.


IVP grows breakout companies into enduring market leaders.

They are engaged VC partners, but their guidance is focused on when and where it counts. It’s about expertise in moments that matter, answering your call as a counselor and confidant. It’s about bolstering the functions that make or break a business to ensure we make yours a success. It’s about being your compass on the winding path to market leadership. And about celebrating the milestones along the way.

While IVP's investment track record is four decades strong, their focus is on the horizon. From emerging to enduring market leadership, they look out so you can look ahead. Undaunted.

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