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Crush Ventures

Led by the founders of Crush Music, the people who built and marketed a lot of big artists today. They invest in companies working at the intersection of pop culture, consumers, and tech-enabled experiences.

Animal Capital

$15M fund driving growth by leveraging proprietary marketing channels and increasing consumer awareness.


SuperAngel.Fund's Key Selection Criteria are:

#1 Ambitious, and smart Founder(s)/Team

#2 Market/Category ripe for disruption and with a deep, authentic brand story, mission & vision

#3 Product/Traction
Cutting edge design & innovation across all brand touchpoints: product, packaging, unboxing, digital, photography, content, collateral, media, etc. 📸
Positive unit economics (day 1) & creative distribution tactics 📈

*Oftentimes they invest pre-product and, as such, rely even more heavily on #1 and #2

Their Due Diligence varies on a deal by deal basis which may include reviewing: Corporate Records, Team References, Product Testing, Customer Interviews, Market Research, Competitor Research, Digital/Social Footprint, Prior Investor Updates, Legal/Accounting, Financials.


BrandProject’s team has partnered with seed-stage founders, supporting their efforts to build world-class brands. They have tremendous respect for the founders we have partnered with and take great pride in watching them succeed.

True Wealth Ventures

Invests in female entrepreneurs working on improving environmental health and human health.

Phirst Market Ventures

Supports women founders who operate early-stage companies in various industries from technology to health & beauty products and provide capital, resources and connections to scale their businesses.

Yes VC

Yes VC backs great companies at the early stages. They invest in 20 companies a year on average.

Kitchen Fund

Investor in food technology and emerging restaurant brands, globally.

Amplifyher Ventures

Venture Capital firm that invests in diverse leadership teams with a unique ability to create flywheel effects of growth in new markets.

Gold House Ventures

Gold House Ventures is the leading fund investing in passionate Asian and Pacific Islander (API) entrepreneurs whose companies are transforming industries. They work with the best-in-class, high-growth, API-founded companies to accelerate their success. They welcome investors who are looking to help API ventures thrive.

They equip best-in-class API entrepreneurs with capital, tools, and connections critical for growth through its venture fund, accelerator, and invitation-only network of API founders and creators.

Consumer Ventures

Consumer Ventures™ (formerly CompanyFirst) is a venture capital firm based in Chicago that invests in and helps build the next generation of great consumer brands, products, retailers, and technologies enabling the consumer experience.

They focus on US-based companies with $500k to $10 million in revenue. Consu focus on industries where building a consumer brand is central to the strategy, for example:

Food & Beverage
Health, Wellness, & Personal Care
Outdoor, Sporting Goods, and Apparel
Products for Family, Kids, and Pets
Tech Enablement of the Shopping Experience

BIGR Ventures

Boulder Investment Group Reprise (BIGR) Ventures is a growth equity fund providing value-added, strategic partnership and capital to promising early-stage natural and organic products. Headquartered in Boulder, CO, and boasting 70+ years of combined natural product experience between its founders, BIGR Ventures leverages unparalleled industry relationships and experience to maximize the potential of promising young companies.

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