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Sixty8 Capital

Seed-stage Fund for Black, Brown, women, and LGBTQ+ led startups. They are investing in tech, tech-enabled, and Direct-To-Consumer start-ups.

Unpopular Ventures

Unpopular Ventures wants to invest in the best early-stage technology companies before they become popular. They invested $54M across >300 companies, which has grown into $154M of AUM.

Plymouth Growth

Plymouth Growth invests in growth-stage technology companies—with proven business models and strong teams—that are ready to scale. Our mission is to pursue and achieve the next level, for every one of our companies.

Panache Ventures

Panache Ventures is Canada's leading Pre-Seed VC.

They are focused exclusively on capital efficient tech startups with global ambitions. They do not invest in services businesses or other companies that do not have a core technology aspect to them, and companies that are inherently capital intensive (companies that require millions of dollars of investment just to build a prototype)

Picks & Shovels

Operator-led VC Firm investing in founders at the pre-seed and seed stage selling picks and shovels for crypto and fintech.

Trilogy Equity Partners

Trilogy Equity Partners leads Pre-Seed and Seed rounds for Enterprise Software, Infrastructure, and Consumer Tech startups that have a presence in the Pacific Northwest (Greater Seattle, Portland, Vancouver BC, etc).

Inspired Capital Partners

Early-stage technology venture fund focused on supporting the next wave of exceptional entrepreneurs.

MBX Capital

Venture capital partnership investing in early-stage healthcare and life sciences companies. They usually invest in the first or second institutional round of financing that a company raises, and typically before companies have reached a $100mm valuation.

Slow Ventures

Invests in companies central to the technology industry and those on the edges of science, society, and culture.

Yes VC

Yes VC backs great companies at the early stages. They invest in 20 companies a year on average.


Firebrand Ventures is initially born out of John's experience as Managing Director for Techstars Kansas City.

Now investing out of the Firebrand II fund, they are steadfast in our approach of investing in trusted relationships with exceptional founders. They meet companies where they are and prioritize values such as integrity, transparency, and being a key resource for founders.

Firebrand invest in exceptional teams obsessed with solving a big problem in a better way. Top-notch technical and domain expertise. Strong, authentic leaders capable of attracting world-class talent.


First partner to exceptional teams everywhere.

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