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Breyer Capital

Breyer Capital is a global VC firm focused on catalyzing high-impact entrepreneurs in the United States, Asia, and emerging markets like Africa and MENA.

They are looking for long-term-orientated founders who we can support over and over for decades. They also want to get to know founders on a deep level through extensive interpersonal and product questioning and reference checks.

Costanoa Ventures

Backs entrepreneurs who are a lot like them: hungry, thoughtful, tenacious, and looking to solve big problems. They specialize in enterprise and fintech, and that focus has given them experience and expertise to be exceptionally helpful to founders building in those markets.

ff Venture Capital

Founded in 2008, ff VC is a New York-based Seed Stage Fund investing around $350K - $750K for 10% ownership in companies building in sectors they believe in.

Waverley Capital

Waverley Capital is a US-based venture capital firm focused on investing in and helping build category-defining companies in the $1T+ global media, entertainment and sports ecosystem.

They have a pretty straightforward due diligence--Series of meetings with investment team, diligence / data requests, reference calls, and a decision.

They support founders in numerous ways, whether or not we are the largest check, a formal board member, or even a lead investor.

Our team has decades of experience both investing and operating in the media, entertainment and sports sectors which brings a wealth of knowledge to help founders building in those spaces.

Moreover, as our LP base is primarily comprised of current and former C-level executives and board members of the world's largest media & technology companies, we leverage this 'extended team' to bring differentiated advantage for our founders. This can include pre-investment diligence, board membership, founder mentorship, strategic investment, and BD / M&A collaborations.


Early-stage venture firm designed to back lateral thinkers.

Starting Line

Early stage venture fund focused on consumer internet and the infrastructure that enables it.

They provide hands on operating experience, are typically their portfolio companies' largest customer in the early stages, and they cheerlead as strongly as possible.

Bloomberg Beta

Bloomberg's early-stage venture fund investing in startups focusing on machine learning.


New York City-based venture capital firm focused on investing in technology-enabled businesses between Seed and Series B. Only invest in businesses that have demonstrated quantifiable financial and operational fundamentals, including a scaling customer base, early product-market fit, and (typically) real revenue growth.


$311M AUM fund founded in 2008. Kickstart is the first seed fund in Utah that invests in early-stage startups in Utah, Colorado, and the Mountain West.

Kickstart also has a Campus Founders Fund, a student-run VC fund sponsored by Kickstart that invests solely in student entrepreneurs.

First Check Africa

Tackling Africa’s VC gender funding gap to empower more female high-growth entrepreneurs by writing high-conviction “first checks” for diverse teams building for scale and sustainability.

GuruDev Capital

Early-stage venture fund focused on alumni of big tech companies

Abstract Ventures

SF-based seed investor. They are way pavers for founders, making vital connections for fundraising, talent, customers and advice. They are dot connectors, counting the world’s most visionary investors, founders and industry leaders as our allies. They are first movers, operating at the speed of our founders and matching the creative hustle required to achieve unimaginable goals.

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