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AI-focused venture capital firm purpose-built for Software 3.0 founded by Sarah Guo.


Baukunst is a collective of creative technologists advancing the art of building.
Their inaugural $100M venture fund is dedicated to leading pre-seed investments in companies at the frontiers of technology and design.

Baukunst can help with co-founder matching and recruiting.

Plum Alley Investments

Seriously investing in early-stage advanced tech and healthcare companies with at least one female founder. All of their portfolio companies so far in STEM fields with at least one female in the executive team.


Antler is a global pre-seed VC firm now in over 20 cities internationally. Antler specializes in local Founder Residencies, and invests in founders across industries from Day 0. In the US, Antler has 3 locations in New York, Austin, and Boulder, where they run 6-week Founder Residencies.

They focus on proving all of the on-ramps that founders need from the early days. That could mean dedicated help fundraising, 1:1 coaching, or getting in the weeds with product and growth challenges. Antler aims to be their founders' go-to resource in the early days of building.

Boulder Ventures

Invests in high-potential Information Technology and Biotechnology companies located at the Colorado Front Range and the Mid-Atlantic region

Phirst Market Ventures

Supports women founders who operate early-stage companies in various industries from technology to health & beauty products and provide capital, resources and connections to scale their businesses.

Company Ventures

The firm currently runs three programs: 1) Grand Central Tech - a free rent, no equity residency program; 2) The City Fellowship that supports New York City-based social entrepreneurs; and 3) Boost: a Founder Fellowship supporting historically underserved tech founders. 

Peterson Ventures

Early stage venture capital firm that partners with exceptional entrepreneurs.

Flourish Ventures

Flourish Ventures is an evergreen fund investing in companies that responsibly harness the power of technology to build a fair and customer-centric financial sector.


Friále invest in start-ups all over the world who are doing big things.

Untapped Capital

An early-stage venture capital firm championing unexpected founders.

Break Trail Ventures

Break Trail partners with entrepreneurs who are breaking trail in their industry, putting the customer first, and solving meaningful problems.

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