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Abstract Ventures

SF-based seed investor. They are way pavers for founders, making vital connections for fundraising, talent, customers and advice. They are dot connectors, counting the world’s most visionary investors, founders and industry leaders as our allies. They are first movers, operating at the speed of our founders and matching the creative hustle required to achieve unimaginable goals.

Animal Capital

$15M fund driving growth by leveraging proprietary marketing channels and increasing consumer awareness.

Kitchen Fund

Investor in food technology and emerging restaurant brands, globally.

Aperture Venture Capital

Aperture Venture Capital is VC for the Multicultural Mainstream. They back diverse founders leveraging financial innovation to help individuals and businesses thrive.

Rocana Venture Partners

VC fund investing in early stage consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands with a better-living ethos.

Willow Growth Partners

The right early stage capital for transformative consumer brands and the technologies that power them.

SoGal Ventures

Investing in next-gen billion-dollar businesses that unapologetically benefit people, society, and the planet. SoGal capitalizes on the three biggest arbitrage investment opportunities of our time… Underrepresented Founders, Undercapitalized Geographies & Underserved Problems


Early-stage venture firm designed to back lateral thinkers.

Range Ventures

Range is a Denver-based partnership of former founders, operators, and builders at heart.

They have been in the trenches from day 1 through IPO, and they understand the demanding and complex journey that is entrepreneurship. They've built our fund to provide the resources to help you move quickly and succeed – all while making the journey a bit easier.

Range Ventures does not invest in web3 companies.

Alpaca VC

Invests in the people, products, and processes that power commerce in the physical and digital world because when you layer technology over daily life, it transforms how the real world works.

Telluride Venture Fund

TVF views itself as a ``management development company`` rather than a traditional ``Venture Fund.`` When investing in seed and early stage companies, TVF encourages and supports rigorous management skills, superior market analysis and product development, while maintaining a focus on leadership and execution. TVF also helps create the necessary connections and collaboration between potential strategic partners an/or investors.

TVF believes business success in early stage ventures must focus on (1)
great leadership, (2) experienced team efforts, (3) focused execution, (4) continual updated business planning, (5) a scalable product or technology, (6) .sufficient capital resources, and (7) strategic and competitive analysis.


IrrvrntVC (the 👑 we) invest $300K-$500K at the earliest stages in DTC, AdTech, & NextGen Commerce companies

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