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Trailyn VC

Invests in untapped & diverse deeptech founders with first revenues and MVP/Product out from their first set of customers.

Initialized Capital

Early-stage VC firm focused on helping software engineers and designers with their first seed checks.

E2MC Ventures

Veteran financial market professionals aiming to provide the financing required to develop the space economy and pave humanity’s expansion into space, including realizing the positive impact potential inherent in space tech.

AIN Ventures

An early-stage fund that invests in dual-use technology (deep tech) companies and veteran-led companies. AIN seeks founders that possess a unique mix of leadership, determination, and grit. Founders are the most important part of their investment decision process.

Obvious Ventures

Early-stage, multi-thematic firm investing in purpose-driven founders reimagining the building blocks of life and society.

Canaan Partners

Founded in 1987, Canaan is a long-time early-stage investor currently investing out of their 12th Fund ($800M).

Vibe Capital

$10m Fund that invests in companies building in the Web3, AI, and Deep Science space that can generate massive wealth through the creation of structures that are more equitable, beneficial, transparent, and accessible.

Fifty Years

Backing entrepreneurs using technology to solve the world's biggest problems.

Future Ventures

Supports seed and early-stage investments in trailblazing, purpose-driven entrepreneurs with unique ideas that have the potential to reinvent entire industries.

Echo VC

VC fund unapologetically investing in women, underrepresented founders (particularly of African descent) and underserved POC markets, backing bold ideas and business models that harness the power of technology to deliver value to mass markets.

DigiTx Partners

Invests in early and growth stage companies using tech and data to transform behavioral health, personalized medicine, data analytics, digital therapeutics, microbiome, and frontier tech.

Asymmetry Ventures

Investing in defensible businesses at the early stage.

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