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Homebrew is a seed-stage fund that provides operational expertise for entrepreneurs building the bottom-up economy. They invest in mission-driven founders who embrace big – big ideas, big impact, big risk.

Collide Capital

Collide Capital is a $66M fund that believes great companies are built at the intersection of communities led by diverse, fearless change agents. They invest in the most innovative and hard-working founders solving the next generation of global challenges.

They help by giving Intros to other investors and founders, advising and coaching, sharing their story and wins with Collide's broader community. They are building out their formal Platform offering in 2023.

Giant Ventures

Giant Ventures champions tech founders creating a more sustainable, equitable, and resilient planet.

Lorimer Ventures

Lorimer Ventures backs bold entrepreneurs building exceptional B2B companies in sectors ripe for disruption. The fund’s partnership is made up of experienced builders, founders, operators, and investors. They have hands-on experience building companies from idea to IPO.

Overton Venture Capital

Seed-stage venture capital firm investing in companies that layer technology over daily life transforming how the real world works.

ANIMO Ventures

$78M generalist fund with offices in SF, NY & MIA

Abstract Ventures

SF-based seed investor. They are way pavers for founders, making vital connections for fundraising, talent, customers and advice. They are dot connectors, counting the world’s most visionary investors, founders and industry leaders as our allies. They are first movers, operating at the speed of our founders and matching the creative hustle required to achieve unimaginable goals.

Twelve Below

Pre-seed and seed fund in NYC focused on software-enabled businesses, with a strong focus on NYC-based teams

In-Q-Tel (IQT)

IQT’s mission is to invest in cutting-edge technologies to enhance the national security of the United States. They focus on the 15,000+ early stage venture-backed startup companies in the U.S. and select other countries. They also identify and analyze technologies in all stages of development that are critical to national security.

Shine Capital

Shine is a $435M VC furm that partners with relentless, creative, convincing entrepreneurs from the early stages of company, protocol, and network building. They look for three core qualities in founders: relentlessness, creativity, and conviction.

Not Boring Capital

Founded by Packy McCormick of the Not Boring newsletter, Not Boring Capital is on a mission to help founders tell their stories, and make the world more optimistic

First Check Africa

Tackling Africa’s VC gender funding gap to empower more female high-growth entrepreneurs by writing high-conviction “first checks” for diverse teams building for scale and sustainability.

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