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Springbank Collective

Committed to building the ecosystem of capital, founders, policymakers, corporations, and advocates to accelerate solutions for all women and families.

Atento Capital

Atento Capital is an early-stage investment firm focused on unlocking unsung potential. They identify high-potential ideas and individuals and then invest the early-stage funding and human capital needed to take ventures from 0-1 and 1-10.

By bringing together founders, partners, and investors, they are transforming the heartland into the nation’s most equitable tech hub while generating real returns.

Their due diligence process takes 3-4 weeks, starting with a review of cap table, financials, legal docs, etc, and finishes with an in-person visit at the end to meet team in person.

Atento provides office space support, free recruiting services, fundraising support and connections for later rounds.


VC firm founded in 2012 that makes concentrated, long-term investments in technology-enabled businesses globally.


First partner to exceptional teams everywhere.

Union Square Ventures

Union Square Ventures is a venture capital firm focused on early-stage, growth-capital, late stage, and startup financing.

Gateway Capital Partners

Gateway Capital Partners intends to assist Wisconsin-based entrepreneurs with achieving early traction by providing pre-seed or seed capital, as well as access to much-needed resources and networks.

Vibe Capital

Vibe Capital is an $82M Fund led by Ankur Nagpal, founder of Teachable. They invest in early-stage tech companies worldwide that they believe will shape the future of our world.

Nama Ventures

the champions of first money in (lets call it pre-seed) in MENA tech startups.   funding MENA-based startups, with a founding team that has complementary skill sets

Unpopular Ventures

Unpopular Ventures wants to invest in the best early-stage technology companies before they become popular. They invested $54M across >300 companies, which has grown into $154M of AUM.


Antler is a global pre-seed VC firm now in over 20 cities internationally. Antler specializes in local Founder Residencies, and invests in founders across industries from Day 0. In the US, Antler has 3 locations in New York, Austin, and Boulder, where they run 6-week Founder Residencies.

They focus on proving all of the on-ramps that founders need from the early days. That could mean dedicated help fundraising, 1:1 coaching, or getting in the weeds with product and growth challenges. Antler aims to be their founders' go-to resource in the early days of building.

Greater Colorado Venture Fund

The Greater Colorado Venture Fund is spreading entrepreneurship to create opportunity and build sustainable communities in rural America. They invest in Colorado companies with high growth potential located outside of the Front Range urban corridor.

Foundry Group

Foundry is a unique offering in the venture capital market with a symbiotic network that propels innovation.

Founded in 2007, their firm manages more than $3 billion for our limited partners, and has invested in hundreds of companies and dozens of venture funds.

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