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Slauson & Co

Aims to democratize access to entrepreneurship by bridging the gap between untapped founders historically overlooked by the traditional venture ecosystem and the right capital and resources required to create sustainable equity & economic inclusion.


GTMFund is a $50M Early stage fund with an investor network consisting of GTM executives who've seen zero to IPO.


$175M early-stage fund focused on consumer technology and the consumerization of enterprise technology.


Focuses on early stage investments in technology companies. Founded by Mike Maples Jr. and Ann Miura-Ko.

Mayfield Fund

Global VC firm focusing on inception and early-stage investing in tech.

Ecliptic Capital

Composed of experienced ex-Fortune-500 Operators focusing on early-stage companies working on emergent tech. They work with their portfolio like they are their co-founder and not just their bank.

Flucas Ventures

Flucas Ventures is the Solo GP fund of Ashley Flucas. Flucas Ventures is a sector, stage, and geography-agnostic investor that follows the opportunity.

f7 Ventures

Bold women investing in bold founders

Seven Seven Six

Seed-focused venture capital firm, founded by builders, built with software, in order to be the very best at supporting founders that are changing the world.


Invests in entrepreneurs that focus on consumer, crypto, and enterprise software companies across all stages.


Partners with exceptional entrepreneurs starting at the earliest stages of the climb.

TwentyTwo VC

An early-stage venture capital firm dedicated to investing in companies tackling present and future quality of life.

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