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SRB Ventures

$10M Fund committed to investing in and accelerating the most compelling startups in the world.

Stage Venture Partners

Invests in emerging software technology for B2B markets. They are not driven by thesis, geography, or sector. Their portfolio companies range from St. Louis to Seattle and we’ve partnered with startups in sectors ranging from e-commerce to Government technology.

Race Capital

Works side by side with founders as early as possible, every step of the way. Race Capital's founders have successfully built their own companies from small to big, from nothing to IPO, and want to help their portfolio founders do the same.

H20 Capital

Cross-border VC that invests across all stages in companies that are using technology to disrupt existing markets or create new verticals.

Rosecliff Ventures

Diversified NYC-based investment management firm investing across all stages in rapidly growing companies that are developing disruptive technologies. Rosecliff Ventures has over $1B in assets under management and operates multiple investment strategies, including credit, venture capital, and private equity


First partner to exceptional teams everywhere.

FinTech Collective

New York-based venture capital fund founded in 2012 to back creators with a hunger to reimagine the way money flows through the world.


CapitalX is an enterprise-focused, early-stage venture capital firm with $100k-$500k checks and in later stage via SPVs for $250k $2m or more. They invest with fast commits and high conviction and they strive to be proactively helpful.

Ten VC

Invests in founders building breakthrough technologies that can scale to become transformational platforms

Group 11

Looks for fintech startups with clear business models, large total addressable markets, experienced teams, and distinct growth strategies. They also look for founders who have the ability to inspire, the hunger to excel, and the discipline to execute a business plan.

Chingona Ventures

Chicago-based VC firm focused on industries that are massively changing and founders whose backgrounds uniquely position them to create businesses in growth markets that are often overlooked.

Zeal Capital Partners

Pioneers the Inclusive Investing (TM) strategy to address racial wealth gaps while keeping outsized returns and impact front and center of investment decisions.

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