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The Longevity Fund

$37M Seed and Series A fund investing in founders developing therapeutic breakthroughs for age-related disease.

Jazz Venture Partners

Focused on technologies that extend the boundaries of human performance

Baselayer Ventures

helps entrepreneurs build resilient companies with a strong foundation for global scale. an independent venture capital firm that invests with high conviction at the earliest stages.  look for opportunities that lie at the intersection of enduring consumer needs and the technologies and new business models that will satisfy them.

Better Capital

India-focused early-stage venture firm with a portfolio of 200+ stellar companies such as Slice, Open, Teachmint++

Decisive Point

Invests in technology for government, national security, and defense amplifies investment outcomes by pairing thoughtful capital allocation with expertise in public R&D funding and navigating the federal market.

BlueYard Capital

BlueYard backs founders building the interconnected elements that can become the fabric of our future. Read more about BlueYard on Medium:

Fika Ventures

Founded in 2016, Fika supports founders with elevated visions and unflappable persistence. They seek out founders who don’t fit the mold, are drawn to solve the impossible, and value the truth. They also look for radical solutions that impact many and get us one step closer to a more equitable and just world.


Early-stage venture capital fund partnering with founders from Seed to Growth. Across Europe and the US. In September 2022, Northzone raised €1bn to invest from Seed to Growth.  Has offices in London, Stockholm, and NYC

Material Impact Fund

A venture fund building deep tech companies powered by material science innovations

AIN Ventures

An early-stage fund that invests in dual-use technology (deep tech) companies and veteran-led companies. AIN seeks founders that possess a unique mix of leadership, determination, and grit. Founders are the most important part of their investment decision process.

Stout Street Capital

The Stout Street team is a passionate group of startup founders. They have built and scaled several startups and invested in over 65 companies and evaluated over 10,000 startups since starting Stout Street. They are creators of the UNMET conferences that help founders raise venture capital anywhere.

Stout Street’s Value Fund-II is currently focused on post-revenue, seed-to-series-A investments in companies valued at less than $10 million. Stout Street’s Value Fund-I has invested in 36 companies by the end of 2018 and Stout Street Value Fund-II is projected to invest in 50 companies with an average initial investment of 100k by 2020. They usually reserve 500k-$1M in follow on investment for our portfolio companies.

They do not invest in companies incorporated/based in SF, NY, and Boston.

Kli Capital

mission is to invest in ambitious founders solving overlooked problems in the US, Israel, and Emerging Markets. In the last 3 years, with a significant increase in capital deployed per year and the portfolio growing to 77+ investments, returns have trended to the +95th percentile.

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