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Propeller VC

Propeller VC invests in transformational leaders at the earliest stages of ocean-climate innovation in massive markets.

Obvious Ventures

Early-stage, multi-thematic firm investing in purpose-driven founders reimagining the building blocks of life and society.

Radius Capital

Radius Capital is an investor in enabling technologies at the intersection of software and data with physical-world mobility systems, with particular domain focus on technology's impact on aerospace, drones, advanced air mobility and relevant business model implications at scale.

Selva Ventures

Founded in 2019 to invest specifically in emerging consumer brands. Selva focuses on brands with <$10M in sales and does not have a minimum threshold.

Toba Capital

Toba Capital is an early-stage investment firm committed to helping create incredible technology companies. They look for businesses capable of long-term growth and teams with the potential to fundamentally shift markets for the common good.

Future Ventures

Supports seed and early-stage investments in trailblazing, purpose-driven entrepreneurs with unique ideas that have the potential to reinvent entire industries.

Radical Ventures

Invests in entrepreneurs applying AI and other deeply disruptive tech to solve problems on a global scale.

Sierra Ventures

Invests in the future of the enterprise. They invest early – primarily Seed and Series A – and look for proven product market fit, disruption in the market, and strong IP.

Third Sphere

Early-stage fund focused on rapid, scalable climate action and targeting outsized impact and outsized returns

Better Capital

India-focused early-stage venture firm with a portfolio of 200+ stellar companies such as Slice, Open, Teachmint++

My Climate Journey Collective

Supports climate-focused founders through entrepreneurial ways by providing a platform for the flow of information, ideas, and capital needed to accelerate individual climate journeys and enable collaboration

Material Impact Fund

A venture fund building deep tech companies powered by material science innovations

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