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Yes VC

Yes VC backs great companies at the early stages. They invest in 20 companies a year on average.


Thrive where others say “too early”, joining you from the start with up to $750K. Currently investing out of their $35M Fund.

focal does the work to understand the business and get to know the founders, while ensuring all of their interactions are productive and constantly being mindful of your time.

They invest with a concentrated strategy to maximize their bandwidth and capital reserves to back you up. After your pre-seed, their whole team gets to work for yours. You also become part of focal's tight-knit founder community and can learn from 100+ of the best GTM leaders at Seed through Series D startups that are part of The GTM Circle.

Future Ventures

Supports seed and early-stage investments in trailblazing, purpose-driven entrepreneurs with unique ideas that have the potential to reinvent entire industries.

Nomadic Venture Partners

Early stage climate tech VC decarbonizing the natural resources, manufacturing, and transportation sectors.

Day One Ventures

Early-stage venture capital firm that backs customer-obsessed companies and spearheads their communications.

Expansion Venture Capital

With over 100+ investments to date, we invest early in great and passionate entrepreneurs. Sector agnostic investment approach.

Powerhouse Ventures

Invests in founding teams building innovative software to rapidly decarbonize the world's global energy and mobility systems. Their LPs represent some of the world's largest corporations in energy, utilities, mobility, financial services, and tech

Looking Glass Capital

Invests in mission-driven founders focused on building solutions to problems concerning healthier living, human capital, sustainability, and the environment.

2048 Ventures

Thesis-driven earliest-stage venture capital firm built by founders, experienced operators, nerds, and dreamers obsessed with the future. Their core thesis is that platform companies will deliver outsized, venture-scale returns. Currently investing out of their $67M Fund II.

Workshop Venture Partners

Workshop is a venture studio that partners with founders to build startups in climate and education. works at the intersection of purpose and profit, driven by our belief that many of today’s most pressing problems require scalable, self-sustaining enterprises with the returns to attract high-quality talent and growth capital. partners with 2-4 companies at a time, including both early-stage companies launched by founders, as well as ideas originated within the studio for which we recruit founding CEOs. Within climate, Workshop has three areas of focus: (1) buildings (with a particular emphasis on residential and small-scale commercial buildings), (2) solutions that leverage software and AI, and (3) consumer-oriented businesses. Within education, Workshop focuses within the U.S. across the full spectrum of learners from early childhood through workforce, with a particular emphasis on the K12 space.

Pale Blue Dot

Seed-stage ClimateTech venture fund investing in companies that reduce and reverse the effects of climate change. The firm typically wants 10% shareholding.


Backs purpose-driven founders building purposeful startups that are reimagining the future.

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