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Crew Capital

$50M Fund I that invests in daring early-stage founders. Crew Capital's team has extensive operating experience building a successful startup that quickly went from 0 to 100, to IPO very quickly and was backed by tier 1 investors.

Costanoa Ventures

Backs entrepreneurs who are a lot like them: hungry, thoughtful, tenacious, and looking to solve big problems. They specialize in enterprise and fintech, and that focus has given them experience and expertise to be exceptionally helpful to founders building in those markets.

Moonshots Capital

Fund led by West Point graduates and veterans to aggressively invest in companies that are military veteran founded or run.

Caffeinated Capital

$50M seed-stage operator fund led by Raymond Tonsing. Thesis and stage agnostic firm. They typically partner with founders at the inception stage and invest throughout the life of the company.

Supernode Ventures

Supernode invests in entrepreneurs who transform the way people live, work, and socialize. They typically invest in 6 companies per year on average.

Ten13 VC

We invest in and support the most exciting early-stage companies, globally.

Audacity Fund

Builds and invests in Web 3 x Metaverse movements targeting trillion $ markets across Africa and emerging markets.

Breyer Capital

Breyer Capital is a global VC firm focused on catalyzing high-impact entrepreneurs in the United States, Asia, and emerging markets like Africa and MENA.

They are looking for long-term-orientated founders who we can support over and over for decades. They also want to get to know founders on a deep level through extensive interpersonal and product questioning and reference checks.

AU21 Capital

Hybrid venture and hedge fund that backs brilliant founders working in blockchain.

The Fintech Fund

Solo GP fund led by Nik Milanovic, author of the This Week in Fintech newsletter, to back top-notch fintech and DeFi companies.


Founded in 2019, Sfermion is an investment firm focused on the non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem.

Their goal is to accelerate the emergence of the open metaverse by investing in the founders, companies, and entities creating the infrastructure and environments that will form the foundations of our digital future.

El Cap

early-stage VC investing where technologies collide

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