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First Check Africa

Tackling Africa’s VC gender funding gap to empower more female high-growth entrepreneurs by writing high-conviction “first checks” for diverse teams building for scale and sustainability.

Brooklyn Bridge Ventures

The first VC fund founded in Brooklyn, NY, and the most accessible lead or co-lead investor for pre-seed and seed-stage startups in the NYC area. Led by experienced investor Charlie O'Donnell, they invest exclusively in NYC-based companies. They also prefer leading pre/seed rounds.


SuperAngel.Fund's Key Selection Criteria are:

#1 Ambitious, and smart Founder(s)/Team

#2 Market/Category ripe for disruption and with a deep, authentic brand story, mission & vision

#3 Product/Traction
Cutting edge design & innovation across all brand touchpoints: product, packaging, unboxing, digital, photography, content, collateral, media, etc. 📸
Positive unit economics (day 1) & creative distribution tactics 📈

*Oftentimes they invest pre-product and, as such, rely even more heavily on #1 and #2

Their Due Diligence varies on a deal by deal basis which may include reviewing: Corporate Records, Team References, Product Testing, Customer Interviews, Market Research, Competitor Research, Digital/Social Footprint, Prior Investor Updates, Legal/Accounting, Financials.

Julian Capital

Julian Capital is a seed-stage fund that writes $500K checks and makes decisions quickly. They believe they're among the best growth and design experts. When they invest, they help overhaul your customer acquisition and brand.


First partner to exceptional teams everywhere.

Comma Capital

Aims to be helpful for founders via leveraging a community of >450+ operators in relevant late-stage fintech, digital health, and SaaS companies across functions such as business development, hiring, fundraising, etc.

Out of Pocket Health

VC Fund by Nikhil Krishnan, author of the Out-of-Pocket Blog. They invest in companies that improve different aspects of healthcare such as healthcare standardization, physician independence, patient-to-patient education and support channels, Services-as-APIs, Diagnostics, and Audits + Compliance

Cleo Capital

Fund led by Sarah Kunst investing in the future of fintech, consumer, and enterprise.

OCA Ventures

Early stage venture capital firm focused on equity investments in companies with dramatic growth potential, primarily in technology and highly-scalable services businesses


New York City-based venture capital firm focused on investing in technology-enabled businesses between Seed and Series B. Only invest in businesses that have demonstrated quantifiable financial and operational fundamentals, including a scaling customer base, early product-market fit, and (typically) real revenue growth.

Hustle Fund

Loves to invest in scrappy founders w/ a somewhat bootstrap mentality; frugal and resourceful. Hot Sectors: B2B, Fintech, web3, digital health. Not-so-hot sectors: Consumer, marketplaces, e-commerce. They are ok with pre-revenue; earlier is better.

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