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At One Ventures

New fund with a goal to help humanity become a net positive to nature by backing early-stage companies that are using disruptive deep tech to upend the unit economics of established industries

Refactor Capital

$50M Fund investing in seed-stage companies that deploy technology to enhance planetary and human health by radically upending traditionally regulated industries.

Countdown Capital

VC Firm founded by Jai Malik to revitalize the American industry and back titans of hard tech at the early stages.

ff Venture Capital

Founded in 2008, ff VC is a New York-based Seed Stage Fund investing around $350K - $750K for 10% ownership in companies building in sectors they believe in.

E2MC Ventures

Veteran financial market professionals aiming to provide the financing required to develop the space economy and pave humanity’s expansion into space, including realizing the positive impact potential inherent in space tech.

Construct Capital

Invests in founders building technology to transform the foundational industries that provide us with the food we eat, the products we need, and the critical services – like transportation and delivery.

True Ventures

Invests in the brilliant people who bring ideas that matter to life. Founded in 2005, True Ventures has already invested $3.8B across 350+ teams.

True Ventures will only enter on the initial round of capital but will have reserves and continue to follow on in their existing portfolio. They target 20% + ownership on the initial investment.

Breakout Ventures

Invests in creative bioscience companies harnessing the power of cells and computation to scale solutions in human health and sustainability.

RRE Ventures

Over the past 28 years, RRE has become one of NYC’s oldest, largest, and most active venture capital firms. They have $2.5B AUM across 10 funds and 400+ portfolio companies. The firm recently raised their $250M Fund VIII.

Airbus Ventures

Backs entrepreneurs shifting the future of aerospace.

11.2 Capital

Investing in technical founders at the earliest stages solving the biggest challenges facing our world.

Backs extraordinary people capable of changing the status quo, showcasing their success, and working hard behind the scenes to amplify it.

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