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Beta Bridge Capital

Beta Bridge Capital is a seed stage venture capital fund focused on emerging ecosystems.

Rainfall Ventures

Founder-focused venture capital fund based in NY and LA, that partners with teams to change industries worldwide.

Sopris Capital

VC Firm with a permanent, evergreen capital base investing in early-stage healthcare companies with line of sight to $1mm+ of ARR. They have a concentrated portfolio and a 20+ year track record of top-decile performance. Sopris prefers to be a first-check investor with the capacity to follow on.


LAUNCH Fund invests in 100 new seed-stage startups a year.

Acequia Capital (AceCap)

Partnership and distributed network that is agile, diversified, and market-tested led by Hank Vigil. They are at the center of a global ecosystem that attracts and fuels the technical founders and product teams building the next wave of global businesses.


Bolt is a pre-seed venture firm investing in companies leveraging unique technology and valuable data sets to reimagine products, systems, and experiences across the economy.

Outsiders Fund

Led by Austin McChord (founder of Datto; $1.3B exit, IPO, then $6.2B take-private) and Teddy Seem (ex-General Catalyst, Bridgewater, Resonance Technologies), Outsiders fund is an early-stage venture capital firm focused on identifying opportunities where technology will disrupt traditional, incumbent industries. They do NOT invest in AR/VR, Crypto, or Blockchain.

645 Ventures

Partners with early-stage founders building iconic businesses that transform industries and shape our future. Currently investing out of their recently raised two new funds totaling $347M: theor $194M Fund IV and $153M Select Fund I.

Beta Boom

Beta Boom invests instartups building the future for women and ethnic minority consumers, workers, and business owners.

The best and only way to get on Beta Boom's radar is to fill out their 3-minute intake form.

Their diligence process takes 6-8 weeks:
1. 3-minute intake form
2. Initial diligence call
3. Data room review
4. Subsequent diligence call(s)
5. Collaboration week
6. Final diligence

They also provide weekly or daily support from Beta Boom's growth team to help portfolio companies refine product-market fit, go to market, and sales operations.

Base Ventures

VC fund that invests in in seed-stage technology companies.

Wing Venture Capital

No project is too early for Wing. They invest early, before it's obvious, often before product or revenue. They also put substantial capital and strategic resources into each company throughout its lifecycle.


Invests in missionary founders to help build world-class companies that solve hard problems or make delightful products.

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