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Volo Earth Ventures

Early-stage climate tech fund focusing on electricity, mobility, buildings, and embodied carbon.

Decisive Point

Invests in technology for government, national security, and defense amplifies investment outcomes by pairing thoughtful capital allocation with expertise in public R&D funding and navigating the federal market.

Anthem Venture Partners

Anthem Venture Partners is a venture capital firm that focuses on investing in Southern California investments. They are active investors that almost always lead/co-lead and take a board seat. They look at under-the-radar opportunities and stay away from areas we think are crowded.

Third Nature

Third Nature’s vision is to live in a world where our economic system is inclusive of all people and regenerative and restorative to our home — mother earth. They focus on identifying and backing purpose-driven, business-minded entrepreneurs whose uncompromising vision transforms entire products, business models, sectors, and markets for the betterment of society and Earth. Capital

$500M Venture arm of leading early-stage token and equity rounds to accelerate the growth of web3 companies.

Generalist Capital

$12.25 million venture fund with backing from some of the best investors and founders in the world, including Marc Andreessen and Chris Dixon.   Generalist Capital plans to invest in approximately 20 companies, predominantly at the seed stage. Twenty-five percent of their fund is allocated for mature businesses that are too exceptional to ignore.

PayPal Ventures

Paypal's venture capital arm. Invests in FinTech companies that are working on transparent, personalized, inclusive, and customer-focused products.

First Star Ventures

Partners with entrepreneurs solving real-world problems using data and machine learning, focusing on applications of frontier technologies such as AI, computational biotech, connected sensors, AR/VR, and blockchain.


SuperAngel.Fund's Key Selection Criteria are:

#1 Ambitious, and smart Founder(s)/Team

#2 Market/Category ripe for disruption and with a deep, authentic brand story, mission & vision

#3 Product/Traction
Cutting edge design & innovation across all brand touchpoints: product, packaging, unboxing, digital, photography, content, collateral, media, etc. 📸
Positive unit economics (day 1) & creative distribution tactics 📈

*Oftentimes they invest pre-product and, as such, rely even more heavily on #1 and #2

Their Due Diligence varies on a deal by deal basis which may include reviewing: Corporate Records, Team References, Product Testing, Customer Interviews, Market Research, Competitor Research, Digital/Social Footprint, Prior Investor Updates, Legal/Accounting, Financials.

Palm Drive Capital

Invests in early-stage stage software companies that solve problems in developed and emerging markets. As global generalists, the firm has an analytical edge as they see similar business models applied to different geographies. The firm is based on the fundamental belief that innovators are everywhere.

Lateral Frontiers Fund

Lateral is founded in 2017, emerging from their founders' shared experience investing into the early ecosystem and a collective vision to build something that met the needs of founders and the nascent funding environment.

Their management team has 45+ years investment experience across Asia, Africa, Latam & other markets. Since then, the Lateral team has grown and is supported by experienced operators across emerging markets who all work closely to support our founders in building their companies.

5AM Ventures

Aims to support early-stage companies that are working to solve important healthcare needs via cutting-edge breakthroughs in medicine and science.

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