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Valor Capital Group

Valor is an investment firm that focuses on cross-border financial and investment opportunities.

Pear VC

Seed specialists that partner with founders at the earliest stages to turn great ideas into category-defining companies. Pear VC is a top-performing fund. In the last decade, they have had 3 IPOs, 8 companies valued over $1B, and hav emany more category-defining companies in the making.


MAGIC Fund is a global collective of founders that backs other founders in solving daunting challenges. Their investment thesis is that “smaller funds run by diverse founders perform the best at early-stage investing”


Firebrand Ventures is initially born out of John's experience as Managing Director for Techstars Kansas City.

Now investing out of the Firebrand II fund, they are steadfast in our approach of investing in trusted relationships with exceptional founders. They meet companies where they are and prioritize values such as integrity, transparency, and being a key resource for founders.

Firebrand invest in exceptional teams obsessed with solving a big problem in a better way. Top-notch technical and domain expertise. Strong, authentic leaders capable of attracting world-class talent.

True Ventures

Invests in the brilliant people who bring ideas that matter to life. Founded in 2005, True Ventures has already invested $3.8B across 350+ teams.

True Ventures will only enter on the initial round of capital but will have reserves and continue to follow on in their existing portfolio. They target 20% + ownership on the initial investment.

Cathay Innovation

Cathay works with visionary and mission driven teams to help them grow and lead markets.

Cathay backs startups at the inflection point of growth, with revenues between $5M to $20M, that will benefit from guidance on refining the company, maximizing performance and creating long lasting value.

Cathay can lead or follow, and keep reserves for follow-on investments.

Cathay leverages the larger social evolutions at play, taking into account a startup’s contribution towards sustainability, analyzing the global competitive landscape, and integrating the insights of our Fortune 500 ecosystem.

SciFi VC

Max and Nellie Levchin’s venture fund that partners with exceptional founders solving hard problems that require intense curiosity, intellectual depth, and often, science.

Palm Drive Capital

Invests in early-stage stage software companies that solve problems in developed and emerging markets. As global generalists, the firm has an analytical edge as they see similar business models applied to different geographies. The firm is based on the fundamental belief that innovators are everywhere.

Panache Ventures

Panache Ventures is Canada's leading Pre-Seed VC.

They are focused exclusively on capital efficient tech startups with global ambitions. They do not invest in services businesses or other companies that do not have a core technology aspect to them, and companies that are inherently capital intensive (companies that require millions of dollars of investment just to build a prototype)

Beta Boom

Beta Boom invests instartups building the future for women and ethnic minority consumers, workers, and business owners.

The best and only way to get on Beta Boom's radar is to fill out their 3-minute intake form.

Their diligence process takes 6-8 weeks:
1. 3-minute intake form
2. Initial diligence call
3. Data room review
4. Subsequent diligence call(s)
5. Collaboration week
6. Final diligence

They also provide weekly or daily support from Beta Boom's growth team to help portfolio companies refine product-market fit, go to market, and sales operations.

Freestyle Capital

Freestyle has been investing for over 12 years and was one of the first firms started by Founders. Their GPs, Dave & Jenny each have over 25 years in tech, both successfully exiting multiple times. Freestyle boasts a portfolio of 130+ companies.


Venture capital firm that backs up outlier founders at the earliest stages.

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