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Explores the art and science of network building because they care deeply about bringing the best possible version of a decentralized future to life.

OpenSea Ventures

The investment arm of OpenSea backing founders that grow Web3 through NFTs, decentralized systems, and other novel blockchain uses.

Maccabee Ventures

an early-stage venture capital firm associated with, but independent and separate from, Yeshiva University (YU), that leverages the 70,000+ YU alumni while providing an unparalleled learning experience for YU students. Does not invest in BioTech & Hardware

Dutch Founders Fund

(pre) seed venture fund that backs founders building the marketplaces of tomorrow. Likes platforms that reimagine traditional supply chains and products with strong network effects. partners with those who are working on sector-defining technologies in the logistics, fintech, and web3 space. We call these marketplace enablers.

Vol.1 Ventures

Vol.1 Ventures aims to help the next generation of entrepreneurs build businesses in highly regulated industries. They assist founders and teams in ensuring compliance is set up correctly, interacting with regulators & government officials, and helping them navigate the tricky world of tech regulation.

Overton Venture Capital

Seed-stage venture capital firm investing in companies that layer technology over daily life transforming how the real world works.

Illuminate Financial

invests in early-stage companies relevant to large financial institutions either today or in the future. backed by JPM, Barclays, S&P, Citi, Deustche Boerse and Jefferies, among others. helps founders in their enterprise sales go-to-market through timed introductions to decision-makers rather than gatekeepers. invests in everything from the voluntary carbon markets to crypto infrastructure to cybersecurity to core capital markets infrastructure Offices in London, New York, and Singapore.


Investing in crypto networks & platforms building The Ownership Economy

Lenny Rachitsky Fund

Lenny Rachitsky's angel investment fund.

Insight Partners

For over  25 years, Insight Partners has helped over 600 companies turn their vision into reality. They invest and support founders from seed until the later stages.

Costanoa Ventures

Backs entrepreneurs who are a lot like them: hungry, thoughtful, tenacious, and looking to solve big problems. They specialize in enterprise and fintech, and that focus has given them experience and expertise to be exceptionally helpful to founders building in those markets.

Waverley Capital

Waverley Capital is a US-based venture capital firm focused on investing in and helping build category-defining companies in the $1T+ global media, entertainment and sports ecosystem.

They have a pretty straightforward due diligence--Series of meetings with investment team, diligence / data requests, reference calls, and a decision.

They support founders in numerous ways, whether or not we are the largest check, a formal board member, or even a lead investor.

Our team has decades of experience both investing and operating in the media, entertainment and sports sectors which brings a wealth of knowledge to help founders building in those spaces.

Moreover, as our LP base is primarily comprised of current and former C-level executives and board members of the world's largest media & technology companies, we leverage this 'extended team' to bring differentiated advantage for our founders. This can include pre-investment diligence, board membership, founder mentorship, strategic investment, and BD / M&A collaborations.

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