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Allen Institute for AI (AI2) Incubator

AI2 cofounds startups with entrepreneurs that use revolutionary AI models to create products that people love. Their process works for all entrepreneurs, but there is a variance in how long it takes to build a healthy business, particularly in the earliest stages. Each founder’s journey with AI2 is unique and can range from 4 to 18 months.

Blue Collective

invests in early-stage companies (preseed and seed) and are complete generalists we invest in phenomenal people.

Robo Global

Robo Global Ventures invests in deep tech and applied automation technology across Robotics, Healthcare and Artificial Intelligence.

Anthropocene Ventures

Global, early-stage VC firm investing in founders that leverage exponential technologies & hard science to make humanity more resilient.

Lerer Hippeau

Helps early-stage founders with the capital and tools they need to build ideas into category-defining companies.

Vine Ventures

Vine Ventures is a NYC-based, early stage, software-focused venture capital fund that invests in the U.S., Latin America, and Israel. They have a single mandate - to help fledgling companies navigate the challenges of building generational businesses.

Gradient Ventures

Google's AI-focused early-stage venture fund.

VU Venture Partners

VU Venture Partners is a Global Venture Capital Fund Focusing On The World's Largest Opportunities

Coughdrop Capital

Coughdrop Capital is an early-stage venture firm based in Bend, Oregon.


Venture studio and VC Fund founded by Uber co-founder Garrett Camp to support early-stage startups through expertise, access, and funding.

Obvious Ventures

Early-stage, multi-thematic firm investing in purpose-driven founders reimagining the building blocks of life and society.

Centre Street Partners

An early stage venture fund investing in outlier founders at the intersection of technology and society's evolving behaviors

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