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XFactor Ventures

supports ambitious female founders with the "X Factor" the insight and drive to build the next billion-dollar company.

Illuminate Financial

invests in early-stage companies relevant to large financial institutions either today or in the future. backed by JPM, Barclays, S&P, Citi, Deustche Boerse and Jefferies, among others. helps founders in their enterprise sales go-to-market through timed introductions to decision-makers rather than gatekeepers. invests in everything from the voluntary carbon markets to crypto infrastructure to cybersecurity to core capital markets infrastructure Offices in London, New York, and Singapore.

VU Venture Partners

VU Venture Partners is a Global Venture Capital Fund Focusing On The World's Largest Opportunities

Fintech Ventures Fund

Hyperfocused on investing in founders building disruptive early-stage fintech and insurtech companies

Abstract Ventures

SF-based seed investor. They are way pavers for founders, making vital connections for fundraising, talent, customers and advice. They are dot connectors, counting the world’s most visionary investors, founders and industry leaders as our allies. They are first movers, operating at the speed of our founders and matching the creative hustle required to achieve unimaginable goals.

Dreamers VC

Co-founded by actor Will Smith, and soccer player Keisuke Honda to bridge established Japanese corporate investors with early-stage US-based companies.  Dreamers invests in innovative companies with the goal of improving lives through the application of emerging technology.


Early-stage investment arm of Motive Partners.

ECMC Education Impact Fund

ECMC Group's $250M Education Impact Fund invests in impact-driven, financially scalable ventures and funds that are focused on postsecondary education and workforce development.

Leadout Capital

Loves products with strong network effects, unique data sets, organic and viral growth characteristics, great unit economics, and long-term defensibility. Leadout also prioritizes diversity with 80% of their first fund's investments and 100% of their second fund's investments so far have been in diverse founding teams.


$311M AUM fund founded in 2008. Kickstart is the first seed fund in Utah that invests in early-stage startups in Utah, Colorado, and the Mountain West.

Kickstart also has a Campus Founders Fund, a student-run VC fund sponsored by Kickstart that invests solely in student entrepreneurs.

8-Bit Capital

Founders Jonathan and Kent combine their different perspectives not just as entrepreneurs, operators, and angel investors, but also as advisors to both startups and funds, mentors, LPs in venture funds, co-founders of one of SF’s favorite communities for startups and investors, and host of one of Silicon Valley’s top business podcasts.

Uncork Capital

$500 million seed-stage venture firm that commits early, helps with the hard stuff, and sticks around.

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