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Valor Ventures

Valor is a VC firm based in Atlanta that focuses on leading seed rounds for visionary B2B SaaS startups in the fastest growing, most promising venture capital region in the country–the South U.S.

Beta Boom

Beta Boom invests instartups building the future for women and ethnic minority consumers, workers, and business owners.

The best and only way to get on Beta Boom's radar is to fill out their 3-minute intake form.

Their diligence process takes 6-8 weeks:
1. 3-minute intake form
2. Initial diligence call
3. Data room review
4. Subsequent diligence call(s)
5. Collaboration week
6. Final diligence

They also provide weekly or daily support from Beta Boom's growth team to help portfolio companies refine product-market fit, go to market, and sales operations.

Springbank Collective

Committed to building the ecosystem of capital, founders, policymakers, corporations, and advocates to accelerate solutions for all women and families.

Kokopelli Capital

Kokopelli Capital invests in early-stage companies in the Rocky Mountain and Austin regions. They partner best with scalable businesses raising Pre-Seed to Series A rounds of funding.

They leverage our deep ties to the startup community, frequently investing in companies run by founders with whom they have a history and deeply trust. Kokopelli portfolio companies benefit from our active supporting community with deep expertise in diverse industries.

SciFi VC

Max and Nellie Levchin’s venture fund that partners with exceptional founders solving hard problems that require intense curiosity, intellectual depth, and often, science.

Base Ventures

VC fund that invests in in seed-stage technology companies.

Impact America Fund

Catalyzing the economic liberation of underserved communities in America by investing in businesses with “inherent impact,” whereby the design of their business models and products creates shared value for their consumers, workers, suppliers, investors, and other key stakeholders. Prefers to invest in companies that are growing quickly, with demonstrated traction in a $1B+ market.


43 is a group of pre-product investors that roll our sleeves up to help founders reach product/market fit.

Everyone at 43 makes decisions independently based on their conviction in the founder, product and market. They each have a distinct way of developing conviction but all run transparent decision making processes that respect founders’ time.

Precursor Ventures

Investing in the first institutional round of investment for software and hardware companies.

New Age Capital

Thesis-driven seed stage venture capital firm that invests in tech and tech-enabled startups founded and led by the most promising Black and Latino entrepreneurs.

Unpopular Ventures

Unpopular Ventures wants to invest in the best early-stage technology companies before they become popular. They invested $54M across >300 companies, which has grown into $154M of AUM.

Acequia Capital (AceCap)

Partnership and distributed network that is agile, diversified, and market-tested led by Hank Vigil. They are at the center of a global ecosystem that attracts and fuels the technical founders and product teams building the next wave of global businesses.

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