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Related Funds

Goodwater Capital

Consumer tech investors that empower exceptional entrepreneurs everywhere to change the world for good.

Seed to Series A venture capital firm, supporting exceptional entrepreneurs with strong vision are searching for opportunities with a strong investment thesis.

A* Capital

Partners with visionary founders from seed through IPO.

Humboldt Fund

Invests in early-stage companies that synthesize engineering with physical and life sciences to create technologies that disrupt global conventions to solve critical issues of our time

SciFi VC

Max and Nellie Levchin’s venture fund that partners with exceptional founders solving hard problems that require intense curiosity, intellectual depth, and often, science.

Watertower Ventures

Early-stage venture capital fund providing first check capital for founders, from founders.

Female Founders Fund

Investing in the exponential power of exceptional female talent.

Arkitekt Ventures

Early stage venture fund with a mission to improve and advance human health.

OCA Ventures

Early stage venture capital firm focused on equity investments in companies with dramatic growth potential, primarily in technology and highly-scalable services businesses

Bling Capital

Led by Ben Ling, previously a GP at Khosla Ventures. Their aim is to help their founders find product market fit then help them scale.

Atento Capital

Atento Capital is an early-stage investment firm focused on unlocking unsung potential. They identify high-potential ideas and individuals and then invest the early-stage funding and human capital needed to take ventures from 0-1 and 1-10.

By bringing together founders, partners, and investors, they are transforming the heartland into the nation’s most equitable tech hub while generating real returns.

Their due diligence process takes 3-4 weeks, starting with a review of cap table, financials, legal docs, etc, and finishes with an in-person visit at the end to meet team in person.

Atento provides office space support, free recruiting services, fundraising support and connections for later rounds.

Backs extraordinary people capable of changing the status quo, showcasing their success, and working hard behind the scenes to amplify it.

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