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Female Founders Fund

Investing in the exponential power of exceptional female talent.

Phirst Market Ventures

Supports women founders who operate early-stage companies in various industries from technology to health & beauty products and provide capital, resources and connections to scale their businesses.

Bayes Ventures

partners with entrepreneurs who: Form great teams. Have novel ideas. Create inspiring products. Attack compelling spaces. Are execution oriented. particularly interested in software that can run on noisy intermediate scale quantum computers and hardware in quantum computing and would consider investments in that space.

Tribe Capital

Founded in 2018, Tribe Capital is a $1.6B+ AUM venture capital firm focused on using product and data science to engineer N-of-1 companies and investments.

ScOp Venture Capital

Their approach to investing is simple. The firm looks for scalable opportunities (ScOps) that fill a fundamental consumer or business need in the most efficient and effective way. They only invest in companies who have some proof of market validation which typically means $500k+ in ARR or marketplaces with $500k+ in annualized net revenue.

Dutch Founders Fund

(pre) seed venture fund that backs founders building the marketplaces of tomorrow. Likes platforms that reimagine traditional supply chains and products with strong network effects. partners with those who are working on sector-defining technologies in the logistics, fintech, and web3 space. We call these marketplace enablers.

Operator Partners

Led by the founders of Flatiron Health (acquired by Roche). They prefer to invest alongside a lead VC check (and if there's no lead yet, they'll help the founder find one).

Norwest Venture Partners

Offers entrepreneurs a broad range of services to help them build their businesses at every stage of growth. They realize that one size does not fit all when it comes to today’s operational challenges. Norwest's mantra is "All of what you need and none of what you don’t".

Humboldt Fund

Invests in early-stage companies that synthesize engineering with physical and life sciences to create technologies that disrupt global conventions to solve critical issues of our time

Acadian Ventures

helps founders around the world build enduring companies that make work better, fairer, more meaningful, and ultimately more productive. based in the USA and Germany. We invest in companies at their earliest days of formation that are leading the work revolution and reimagining how people work in the future.


Early-stage investment arm of Motive Partners.

Jumpstart Nova

Backs incredible Black founders creating transformative businesses across the entire healthcare landscape

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