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AIN Ventures

An early-stage fund that invests in dual-use technology (deep tech) companies and veteran-led companies. AIN seeks founders that possess a unique mix of leadership, determination, and grit. Founders are the most important part of their investment decision process.

Valia Ventures

Backing founders building tomorrow’s most iconic companies. Valia is currently investing out of their $50M second early-stage fund.

Avesta Fund

Avesta champions purpose-driven founders in their journey to lasting impact and commercial success

January Ventures

Aims to open VC funding to tenacious and ambitious female founders without prestigious degrees and/or connections.

DiverseCity Ventures

Backs scalable, technology-enabled companies that have positive social, economic, or environmental impact and inclusive teams

Kleiner Perkins

Kleiner Perkins was founded in the 1970s by Tom Perkins and Eugene Kleiner. The firm is focused on early-stage digital consumer and enterprise, green tech and life sciences companies.

TwentyTwo VC

An early-stage venture capital firm dedicated to investing in companies tackling present and future quality of life.

Echo VC

VC fund unapologetically investing in women, underrepresented founders (particularly of African descent) and underserved POC markets, backing bold ideas and business models that harness the power of technology to deliver value to mass markets.

Volo Earth Ventures

Early-stage climate tech fund focusing on electricity, mobility, buildings, and embodied carbon.

Alix Ventures

Built by experienced Life Science founders to support early-stage Life Science startups engineering biology to drive radical advances in human health

Creative Ventures

Interested in companies addressing labor shortages in manufacturing, construction, logistics, and food production; controlling spiraling healthcare costs stemming from aging and chronic disease; and feeding the world sustainably with continued population and standard of living growth.

Lowercarbon Capital

Led by accomplished investor Chris Sacca, Lowercarbon Capital funds research and invests in technologies that reduce the CO2 in the atmosphere.

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