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Acequia Capital (AceCap)

Partnership and distributed network that is agile, diversified, and market-tested led by Hank Vigil. They are at the center of a global ecosystem that attracts and fuels the technical founders and product teams building the next wave of global businesses.

FPV Ventures

$450M fund focused on investing in mission-driven founders. They invest across all stages with a preference for early-stage companies.

Precursor Ventures

Investing in the first institutional round of investment for software and hardware companies.

Valor Ventures

Valor is a VC firm based in Atlanta that focuses on leading seed rounds for visionary B2B SaaS startups in the fastest growing, most promising venture capital region in the country–the South U.S.

Notation Capital

Notation is the first dedicated “pre-seed” fund in NYC, based in Brooklyn. They work with product-obsessed teams in the trenches on day 0:00. They are not thesis-driven but tend to invest against ever-evolving categories of interest. They typically lead the first round of financing and often invest as early as an idea.

Caruso Ventures

Caruso invests in tech-enabled companies led by highly effective CEOs. They use their deep scale-up experience to help the next generation of tech leaders achieve their visions.

They set up Special Purpose Vehicles (“SPV”) for our investments, which allows for additional investors to participate in select investments.


MAGIC Fund is a global collective of founders that backs other founders in solving daunting challenges. Their investment thesis is that “smaller funds run by diverse founders perform the best at early-stage investing”

Merus Capital

Early-stage venture capital firm founded by former M&A leaders at Google and Microsoft. The fund aims to empower ambitious teams in building tomorrow’s industry-defining platforms.

Valor Capital Group

Valor is an investment firm that focuses on cross-border financial and investment opportunities.


Firebrand Ventures is initially born out of John's experience as Managing Director for Techstars Kansas City.

Now investing out of the Firebrand II fund, they are steadfast in our approach of investing in trusted relationships with exceptional founders. They meet companies where they are and prioritize values such as integrity, transparency, and being a key resource for founders.

Firebrand invest in exceptional teams obsessed with solving a big problem in a better way. Top-notch technical and domain expertise. Strong, authentic leaders capable of attracting world-class talent.

Reign Ventures

Defined by their inclusive investing, powerful network, and hands-on approach.

Union Square Ventures

Union Square Ventures is a venture capital firm focused on early-stage, growth-capital, late stage, and startup financing.

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