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Related Funds

Graham & Walker

Invests in female-led companies working on improving the way we live, work, and co-exist with our planet

Supermoon Capital

Focused on interventions for sleep, health monitoring & management, and healthcare enterprise infrastructure

Hike Ventures

Early-stage investors in applied AI helping startups that are solving well-defined problems with the power of AI in ways that traditional software has not been able to accomplish yet. invest across the U.S., Canada, and Japan.

Trailyn VC

Invests in untapped & diverse deeptech founders with first revenues and MVP/Product out from their first set of customers.


Early-stage investment arm of Motive Partners.

the first Nordic venture capital company focused on the learning sector. invests in teams transforming early childhood, K12, higher, secondary, and vocational education as well as corporate and lifelong learning. geographical home field in Europe, but also selectively do investments outside the region. invests from seed to international growth phase with single investments up to €5m. Looking for founders that can deliver better learning outcomes, increased access, improved process efficiency, or actionable insight from data Edtech Specialist VC from Finland, portfolio of 15 early-stage companies from Australia to Finland, from Spain to Germany.

Elementum Ventures

Focused on pre-seed deep technology startups building around differentiated IP

Double Down

$30M Web3 Focused fund by Magdalena Kala. Investing in mainstream adoption of web3 through art, sports, education, music, media, personal finance, gaming, and overall consumer culture.


ZhenFund is a seed fund founded by former entrepreneurs to invest in the most promising innovators. New Oriental co-founders Bob Xiaoping Xu and Victor Qiang Wang established ZhenFund in 2011 in collaboration with Sequoia Capital China. ZhenFund now has a network of over 800 portfolio companies, including over 30 unicorns based in China. 

Future Africa

Backs mission-driven founders turning Africa’s biggest challenges into global businesses that deliver outsized returns and impact.

January Ventures

Aims to open VC funding to tenacious and ambitious female founders without prestigious degrees and/or connections.

VU Venture Partners

VU Venture Partners is a Global Venture Capital Fund Focusing On The World's Largest Opportunities

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